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Ernie Kosar
01-03-2009, 10:50 AM
Bill Cowher appeared in a CBS Sports playoff special today to report on a hilarious joke he had been told by Cleveland Browns owner Randolph Lerner. Cowher, who formerly coached the Steelers for 15 years, was chatting with the other studio anchors about the firing of Romeo Crennel and said that despite the bad season, Lerner was surprisingly in a chipper mood.

"He called me on the phone today, actually," said Cowher to the other analysts. "He didn't seem all that upset about what had happened, and even proceeded to immediately tell me a great joke. He said, 'Do you want to coach my team next year?' He didn't even laugh as he said the words!

"As if anyone would want to do that! I told him he was one silly son of a bitch, and started laughing hysterically. He hung up somewhere in the third straight minute of laughter, he must have not been able to contain his own giggles or something. That guy is such a prankster."

Indeed, reports from all around the league indicate prank calls from Lerner to many big NFL coaching candidates. He apparently has called Dick LeBeau, Mike Martz, and even Bill Parcells and told them the side-splitter, only to hang up on them when they burst out into laughter.

The joke has become incredibly popular, with school children asking each other in the schoolyard if they want to be the coach of the Cleveland Browns. Producers from The Daily Show have reportedly offered a head writing position to Lerner, after hearing this incredibly funny question.

"We had no idea an NFL business man could be this funny!" said Daily Show host Jon Stewart. "We had heard some zingers from previous year such as 'Do you want to sign a free agent contract with us?' or 'I can honestly see us winning the division next year'. But this new joke really takes the cake.

"There has never been a more absurd question than if someone would actually want to coach this team."

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Hahahaha! Randy Lerner, you jokester! Hahahahahaha.

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