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07-16-2009, 03:56 PM

Washington Wizards coach Flip Saunders wastes no time stirring up rivalry with Cleveland Cavaliers
by Starting Blocks, The Plain Dealer
Thursday July 16, 2009, 2:47 PM

There was the beef between LeBron James and DeShawn Stevenson and the remarks about Soulja Boy; the "crab dribble"; and now Washington Wizards fans have something else to mention to James when the Cleveland Cavaliers play in Washington this coming season.

Wizards coach Flip Saunders, in an interview with The Washington Examiner, had some fun with this comment before the Wizards defeated the Cavaliers in summer league action Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Saunders, a Cuyahoga Heights native, told The Examiner:

"Is LeBron [James] playing?" said Saunders. "We might have someone who can dunk on him, I don't know."

Saunders was of course joking about the Jordan Crawford dunk on James during the LeBron James Skills Academy two weeks ago in Akron.

In a related development, Nike is in the process of trying to have Saunders' comments purged from the Internet and has confiscated the notebook of the reporter who wrote down the quote.

What an idoit but not much a big deal.

07-16-2009, 03:58 PM
He is the pistons table scraps let the wizards and there fans think they r even worthy enough to be on the court with King James let alone beat us. :king:

07-16-2009, 03:58 PM
As if we needed any motivation to destroy those douchebags...

07-16-2009, 03:59 PM
Flip Saunders took a jab. Not a bad one. It was somewhat intelligent. And he is a new coach trying to make an impression on the fan base. The fan base has a thing with Lebron. It all makes sense. The article becomes terrible at the end. When the writer tries to throw in some of his own commentary.

07-16-2009, 03:59 PM
Flip Saunders is about the only legitimate thing about sports in washington, perhaps the only legitimate thing period in washington.

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07-16-2009, 04:06 PM
jesus christ, is Lebron not human in anyone eyes? hes gonna make mistakes or get dunked on, hes not a fucking machine hes human, quit fucking criticizing him for every single thing that happens to him.

hey Flip, we might have to own you again, im calling a Cavaliers vs. Wizards 1st round matchup again

Cleveland 1st seed and Washington 8th seed

07-16-2009, 04:06 PM
Please just let this ridiculous Dunkgate story die... thread is closing.

07-16-2009, 04:06 PM
The Cavaliers / Whiz rivalry is about as 'strong' or 'close' as the Browns / Steelers rivalry.

07-16-2009, 04:11 PM
Was Flip doing his patented "chin jutted out, head tilted back, face tense" nervous tick that I've become accustomed to loving when he said this?