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07-25-2006, 02:35 PM
Audio link: http://mfile.akamai.com/12176/wma/cavaliers.download.akamai.com/12176/ferry_060724.asx

Ferry was interviewed by Triv yesterday and the audio is up on Cavs.com now.

Sort of an outline on what they talked about:

-Ferry's kid was an accident and he doesn't want any more(he has 5)

-Ferry has had a ton of discussions with Gooden's agent on both sign and trades and on a contract. He expects something to get done there pretty soon.

-Ferry confirmed that he made Alonzo Mourning an offer but Mourning wanted to stay home in Miami. He said money wasn't an issue for Zo. (omg, Roger Brown reported something that turned out to be accurate... sign of the apocalypse?)

-Said he's talked to just about every team in the league about trades and is in talks with several agents about players.

-Said he'd be surprised if today's roster is the roster on opening day but it's a possibility. He said he expects them to make one or two moves but not a major overhaul. He likes his core players and just wants to add a couple guys around it.

-Ferry is hearing that Philly won't be trading Iverson. Said he thought LeBron and AI could work together if they were surronded with the right guys but didn't really seem to have interest.

-He's also hearing that Minnesota isn't even taking calls on Kevin Garnett. However, if they were Ferry would definitely make a call AND an offer for him. He seemed really emphatic about having interest if he became available(he should).

-Said that he was never worried about LeBron re-signing and took a little jab at the media and naysayers for wanting him to go elsewhere.

-Said he talks to LeBron and other players about what they think needs to be done but LeBron obviously has the most input.

-Thinks the criticism of LeBron passing up game-winning shots was ridiculous and noted how great players don't force their game they use their game to make others better. He cited Paxson and Kerr with the Bulls as an example of a superstar making the smart basketball play in crunch time.

That's all I can remember. If you want to hear it all click the link above for the audio.

Glen Infante
07-25-2006, 02:50 PM
Thank you for the info.

Looks like those of you with the Iverson dream can put that in the lock box. However, you would have to think that Iverson is sick of his situation and would demand a trade sooner or later.

Garnett, same issue. The Wolves built a decent team for him so far, but in no way his current team can make a simular run that the Cassell/Sprewell team did. I am glad to hear that Ferry is interested in him.

And for those of you who thought Danny was sitting at home and eating cheerios all day doing nothing, well I guess he's not.

Looking for offers for a young Drew Gooden is probably pretty hard work, especially if you're looking to get equal value.

Ferry is probably in a big brain block on what to do with him right now. Hopefully a decision is made by the end of this month.

07-25-2006, 04:34 PM
Listen to it and it sounds like no major changes are expected, like I have been saying and still believe that they very much want to keep Gooden and I still expect that to get done in the next 10 days or so. It just makes too much sense for both Cavs and Drew. No other good alternatives for either.

So Ferry has been fixed so he doesn't have anymore accidents eh?

Watch out for sperm backup there Danny, they say it can lower your aggresiveness and competitiveness. Don't want you making any bad deals because your plumbing is wacko:chuckles: :gap: :chuckles:

07-25-2006, 04:52 PM
Like you have been saying?? Ferry said that he wouldnt be making major changes like two months ago, you said it like two days ago.

But as for the info, nothing surprising, pretty much expected. With our roster, it's hard to make a major move. I hope for a minor move that includes the movement of Damon Jones. that would be huge..

07-25-2006, 08:22 PM
^As long as Snow is not the starting PG next year, i'm fine with the core we've got. Varejao and Lebron should be better, and Brown is looking like a rotation player off the bench at least.

I agree with Amac that we need to look for suitors for some of the dead weight on the roster, AV is gonna get some $$$ next offseason (especially with Dan Fegan as his agent now) and we need to be prepared.