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2017 Draft Prospects Thread

Discussion in 'Browns Talk' started by AZ_, May 2, 2016.

  1. AZ_

    AZ_ Hall-of-Famer

    Dec 6, 2007
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    2016 is in the books, time to look ahead to a 2017 class which looks to be pretty strong.


    DeShaun Watson - Clemson

    His dropback needs work, his plant and drive needs work, he needs to get bigger. All that said, it would be a huge upset if he's not the first QB off the board. Talent wins, and he's got the most talent for the position and can beat you both ways.

    Luke Falk - Washington State

    Poor man's Jared Goff, overcoming the misconceptions about offensive scheme and developing into a pretty well rounded prospect. Not the biggest guy nor does he have the strongest arm, but he wins in the pocket because of solid mechanics and has more than enough arm talent for the next level.

    Brad Kaaya - Miami

    There's alot to like physically. He's got more than enough arm and good legs. For having good athleticism, he doesn't avoid pressure in the pocket well. He lets pressure allow poor mechanics and a ton of bad throws. Can the Richt brothers help him take a leap forward? I'll need to see it before I'm buying in.

    Chad Kelly - OleMiss

    Losing a ton of talent in the receiver core. Does he take a leap in spite of that? He's got enough arm, but his mechanics and makeup leave alot to be desired. Not buying.

    Sleepers: Mason Rudolph (OKST), Mitch Leidner (Minn.), Josh Dobbs (Tenn.)


    *This class is stacked. I'll keep these short.

    Leonard Fournette - LSU - Simply a freak who will continue to be a stud.

    Christian McCaffery - Stanford - Don't think he's the every down bell cow, but is a great all-purpose back who will have a solid role at the next level.

    Nick Chubb - Georgia - He's not Todd Gurley, but he's got great balance and excellent first cut quickness.

    Dalvin Cook - FSU - He's the second best back in this class for me, excellent lateral movement and balance. Runs low, tough to tackle and has great speed.

    Jalen Hurd - Tennessee - Tough to bring down and moves well for a guy as big as he is (6'2, 230).

    Royce Freeman - Oregon - Tough runner with a low center, but just OK vision and quickness. Pass catching threat.

    Elijah Hood - UNC - One of my favorite players, just gets north and south quickly and picks up tough yards. Breakout candidate in 2016.

    Sleepers: Justin Davis (USC), Akeel Lynch (PSU), Wayne Gallman (Clemson), Semaji Perine (OU), Marshawn Williams (VT)


    Mike Williams - Clemson

    Ran headfirst into the goalpost last year and missed the rest of the year. Best WR in this class prior to that, hopefully he comes all the way back.

    JuJu Smith - USC

    Sizeable playmaker on the outside, has excellent hands and can really make it happen after the catch.

    Malachi Dupre - LSU
    Travin Dural - LSU

    Both are held back by a complete lack of QB play, but both are outstanding talents with good length and athleticism. Dupre is great at tracking the ball from the limited times I've seen him have a chance, his long stride allows him to get deep but is still quick enough as a route runner.

    Dural looks a bit bigger, but he's long and can also make plays deep with good speed. Not the most natural catcher, lets it get into his body too often.

    If an LSU QB can't develop w/ these guys, I just don't know how they'll ever do it.

    ArDarius Stewart - Bama

    The forgotten man in Alabama because Calvin Ridley will be a Top 10 pick in 2018. Stewart runs good routes and has a similar knack for making tough catches look easy. Great high point skills and catches with his hands. Great package of tools.


    Cam Robinson - Bama

    This will be one of those guys who gets the "best OL since..." comparisons. He might be worthy of them, he's a monster. Top overall pick potential.

    Roderick Johnson - FSU

    Speaking of monsters, Roderick Johnson has a huge wingspan and elite athleticism for his size. He seems to move so well. Top 5-10 pick potential.

    Mike McGlinchey

    Rounding out the trifecta of underclassman tackles, McGlinchey isn't as naturally talented as the other two, but likely is a first round pick.

    Jon Heck - UNC

    Another of the many UNC guys I like. Heck might not be a LT, but he's going to play in the league for a long time as a technician.

    Caleb Peterson - UNC

    Well coached line at UNC, he's one of the better interior lineman because of his quickness and technique.

    Pat Elfein - Ohio State

    Will play center this year, but is smooth and has blossomed into a consistent force.

    Isaac Asiata - Utah

    Just a bad-ass interior guy. Will have about 45 starts under his belt after this year, his brother is Matt Asiata (Vikings RB).

    Sleepers: Conor McDermott (UCLA OT), KC McDermott (Miami OT), Zach Banner (USC OT)
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  2. AZ_

    AZ_ Hall-of-Famer

    Dec 6, 2007
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    Here's a quick look at some of the interesting defensive prospects in 2017.


    *This class might be as stacked as RB is

    Carl Lawson - Auburn

    Dangerous playmaker off the edge who flashes a quick first step. Teams generally run the other direction, so Auburn moves him all over the place. Not really refined bc he's good enough to get by on natural quicks.

    Myles Garrett - Texas A&M

    Another guy who figures to go very very high in 2017. His quickness in getting to top speed sets him apart from Lawson IMO. He's a potential 4.5-4.6 guy at his size. Absolute freak.

    Tim Williams - Alabama

    Maybe the best pure pass rusher to come out of Alabama in the last decade. Williams is undersized, but his speed off the edge is in another class. The spin move is pro level. He's a young Dwight Freeney with that...

    Charles Harris - Mizzou

    Another in a long line of successful pass rushers from this system, Harris is the best they've had since Aldon Smith. Like the other two, Harris just flies to the football.

    Kylie Fitts - Utah

    Massive dude who shows a pretty relentless motor and great use of his hands on the initial rush.

    Sleepers: Tashawn Bower (LSU), Ken Ekanem (VT), Lewis Neal (LSU), DeVonte Fields (Louisville), Lorenzo Carter (UGA)


    Jonathan Allen - Alabama

    He's 280+ already and will likely play a bigger variety of gaps after Reed and Robinson have moved on. Natural fit in a 3-4.

    Demarcus Walker - Florida State

    Just impossible to block, he plays low and shows great lateral quickness against the run. Monster.

    Isaac Rochell - Notre Dame

    Not quite on the tier of the two above him, but Rochell looks to play a bigger role defensively and has everything you look for in a 5-tech.

    Malik McDowell - Michigan State

    Long and powerful, he's got the length and athleticism to be the DeForest Buckner of this year's class.

    Sleepers: DeShawn Hand (Alabama), LaMichael Fanning (Jacksonville St./Alabama - ACL injury), Derek Barnett (Tenn.), Sam Hubbard (OSU), Henry Mondeaux (Oregon).

    Interior DL:

    Davon Godchaux - LSU

    Was flat out unblockable as the year went on. Developed into the most elite interior defender in his class IMO.

    Carlos Watkins - Clemson

    Going to be a very high selection as well, was a stalwart on a tremendous Clemson DL and will have to take it to the next level with most of those guys now departed.

    Dalvin Tomlinson - Alabama

    I don't know how they're going to play everyone, but Tomlinson will see a larger role with Reed and Robinson gone. He's a freak, so this is a prime breakout candidate.

    Lowell Lotulelei - Utah

    Brother of former first round pick, Star, Lowell brings a similar combination of good balance and power from his low center of gravity. The Utah D is stacked.

    Charles Walker - Oklahoma

    Likely a better fit on the interior of a 4-3, but Walker has a great motor and upper body strength to get to the QB

    Sleepers: Montravious Adams (Auburn), Jaleel Johnson (Iowa)


    Reuben Foster - Alabama

    They had to find this guy time despite having Ragland, now he's the man in that defense and could be the best they've had in a long line of good prospects.

    Kendall Beckwith - LSU

    This is a guy who could fall because he's not a great athlete, he's like a bigger version of Kentrell Brothers. He's just always there.

    Raekwon McMillan - Ohio State

    He's been a monster since stepping onto the field, he's just going to keep getting better. Great lateral range, well coached, good technique.

    Nyles Morgan - Notre Dame

    Breakout candidate with Jaylon Smith on to the NFL. Leader of the defense and a great athlete.


    Marquis Haynes - OleMiss

    Speed, speed, speed. Haynes is way undersized (225 ish) but moves so well and will be a great WLB for someone.

    Skal Moore - South Carolina

    Similar to Haynes in size, but built for a WLB role.

    Jarrad Davis - Florida

    Thumper for a UF defense that will only improve in year two with the new coaching. Davis is the leader and probably the best player on that team.

    Sleepers: Deon Hollins (UCLA), Scott Felix (USC), Jalin Reeves-Maybin (Tenn)


    Tra'Davious White - LSU

    Best pure coverman in the class, will get tested weekly by some of the best receivers in the SEC. Fluid athlete and great hips.

    Adoree Jackson - USC

    Dual threat player and the best two-way player to come into the league since Chris Gamble. This dude is prime time, big big big potential.

    Jalen Tabor - Florida

    Better than Vernon Hargreaves, IMO. Not as refined, but could be this season.

    Demetrious Cox - Michigan State

    His size (6'1+) and coverage skills may get him drafted pretty high.

    Cameron Sutton - Tennessee

    Another elite athlete who has developed into a solid cover guy. Great ball skills and a playmaker with the ball in his hands.

    Sleepers: Desmond King (Iowa), Cordea Tankersley (Clemson), Tony Bridgers (OleMiss), Tim Harris (UVA), Taylor Reynolds (James Madison), Sidney Jones (UW)


    Jamal Adams - LSU

    Leader of that secondary, does it all. Plays the run well and not afraid of contact. Reminds me of a young Donte Whitner honestly.

    Quin Blanding - Virginia

    Major prospect coming out of high school, Blanding went to UVA and developed into one of the best in college football. Always around the ball, has solid cover skills. Potential first or second day pick.

    Tony Connor - OleMiss

    Knows his role, in the box safety that excels in run support and sets contain well.

    Nate Andrews - FSU

    Another in the box safety, shorter than you'd like but has excellent instincts for the position and is a better athlete than given credit for.

    Sleeper: Josh Harvey-Clemons (Lousville - 6'4, 220), Eddie Jackson (Bama), Weston Steelhammer (obviously, Air Force), Kivon Coman (Miss. St.)
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  3. Ohio

    Ohio Champion

    Dec 14, 2011
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    Best of the Land
    Yeah, could go down as the greatest RB class of all-time.
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  4. Pick6

    Pick6 Sixth Man

    Jul 18, 2012
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    The Land
    They tried to say this year's WR class was weak (I don't think it was), but next year's definitely is.
  5. elcheato

    elcheato All-Star

    Feb 18, 2008
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    Cleveland, Ohio
    Another receiver named Mike Williams?
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  6. Spectre

    Spectre Joshy Boucher

    Feb 21, 2008
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    Cincinnati, OH
  7. FiveThous

    FiveThous Redeux

    Dec 21, 2008
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  8. ajz20

    ajz20 Draft Guru

    Jun 19, 2008
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    JuJu Smith is a future number 1 Wr in the NFL. He would have been the first WR picked in this years draft. I would think we would not go WR in the 1st next year but you never know. I am eyeing either Cook or Fournette with one of our first rounders. I think both are future pro bowlers.
  9. King Stannis

    King Stannis The One True King

    Jul 12, 2014
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    A Pilgrim in an Unholy Land
    Is it your opinion, @AZ_ that the 2017 QB class is shallow?

    What do you think of Josh Rosen based off his Freshman year (hot tubs aside)?
  10. AZ_

    AZ_ Hall-of-Famer

    Dec 6, 2007
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    All in on Rosen, he's got to prove he can improve this year despite losing more than maybe any QB in America.

    The QB class is about average Id say, Watson can be special. Falk and Kaaya can absolitely get into the Top 10 discussion with some growth.
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  11. Triplethreat

    Triplethreat NBA Starter

    Aug 18, 2008
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    Rosen is the leagues next great QB.

    Just hope we can somehow be in position to snag him though doubtful.
  12. SixPACK

    SixPACK Bring back the Elf!

    Feb 18, 2009
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    Columbus, OH
    Depending where our picks are, if we come out with Watson/another QB who took a big leap + pick one out of a hat with Fournette/Chubb/Cook, I will be extremely happy.

    Of course it is so early and we have no idea how RG3 is gonna be and what FA RB's that are actually worthy (Bell, Lacy, L. Murray are the tops but probably going back to their teams) but as of now, that would be absolutely fantastic.

    EDIT: Another absolutely stupid early mock draft, but at least this dude is thinking my way--- SB Nation- Kadar

    1. Cleveland Browns: Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson
    Watson’s career arc has him hurtling toward the Heisman Trophy and being the No. 1 pick in the draft. Beyond his deep-ball accuracy, he is an impressive prospect.

    2. San Francisco 49ers: Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami
    Kaaya has progressed in each of his first two seasons as a starter and could explode under the guidance of new Miami head coach Mark Richt.

    7. New Orleans Saints: Chad Kelly, QB, Ole Miss
    In 2015, Kelly showed flashes of brilliance. He’s an incredibly talented passer who needs to prove wrong those who doubt him because of his character concerns. New Orleans has been evaluating quarterbacks for a reason.

    9. Cleveland Browns (via Philadelphia): Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
    Fournette is a powerhouse running back who throws defenders around with ease. He’s built for the AFC North.
  13. getBUCKED

    getBUCKED Solo Cup

    May 30, 2012
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    Denver, CO
    While I love this mock draft, if Zeke just went 4th overall I can't see Fournette dropping to 9th.

    I also don't think we'll get the #1 pick, because Browns.
  14. FiveThous

    FiveThous Redeux

    Dec 21, 2008
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    PFF has us taking

    1. Cleveland Browns: Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

    Before the 2015 season, we asked if Watson was the best quarterback prospect in all of college football. While Cal’s Jared Goff likely surpassed him in that department, Watson’s all-around tools are difficult to match. He has the strong arm to drive the ball into tight windows, though it’s his touch on two-level throws that impresses most. There’s still room to grow from a quarterbacking standpoint as he can learn to get through his reads better and his accuracy wanes at times, but Watson is poised for a huge season and he’s the early favorite to be the first quarterback off the board. The Browns waited to invest heavily in a new franchise quarterback and that may pay off next year.

    7. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles): Malik McDowell, DE, Michigan State
    Get your DeForest Buckner comparisons ready. McDowell features a similar long frame and disruptive interior presence. The former top recruit posted the third-best pass rush grade of returning interior defensive linemen in the country and he’s poised to become one of the nation’s best in 2016.
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  15. NorthCoastBias

    NorthCoastBias Champs

    Feb 14, 2009
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    The Heart of it All
    I like Watson a lot, but I worry about his size and durability. His freshman year he broke his hand and then tore his ACL later in the season, which required reconstructive surgery.

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