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Am I the only one....

Discussion in 'Trades, Free Agency, & the Draft' started by CavsFan07, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. CavsFan07

    CavsFan07 Rookie

    Dec 16, 2011
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    Who DOESN'T want the Cavs to trade any of their picks in the upcoming 2012 draft?

    Obviously, having several picks gives you leverage and you can perhaps package one or both second rounders with the Lakers pick to move up in the draft a little more. Last year, we traded our 2nd rounder to Orlando to acquire two future second rounders. I agreed completely with that trade, as it wasn't a deep draft class and Harper hasn't panned out.

    However, this is a different draft class.

    This is a deep draft class, and picks in the 30-35 range of the second round this year, will be just as good, if not better, than the end of the 1st round of last years draft. Guys like Festus Ezeli, Kris Joseph, Draymond Green, Will Buford, Maalik Wayns, Darius Miller, Will Barton, etc., could have made legimitate cases to be in the first round last year, but most likely a few, if not the majority of these guys will be available with our second round picks.

    Are these guys studs? No. All Star worthy? No. But we have a team that lacks depth, and won't be challenging for the NBA title in the next year or two. Therefore, I'm ALL FOR bringing in 3-4 of these young guys to add to Kyrie, Tristan, Gee etc. and have them grow together. Learn together. Play together. Surround these guys with some veterans who are near the end of their prime. That increases the chances we have another decent lottery pick next year (2013), added to our pick this year, any many believe we will truly attempt to hit the free agent market hard in 2013.

    I understand the negatives of this. Inexperience can truly crush NBA teams, and trading one or two of our picks this year for more future picks is always a realistic scenario. But with the depth of this class, and some of the talent that could be available in the second round, I'm all for holding onto all 4 of these picks this year.

    What if we hold our current drafting position and use our picks on these guys:

    4th - Andre Drummond (if available). A pure project, but I think working with Varejao would be ideal for this young man. Some worry about his motor and rawness on the offensive end, but I think Varejao would do him wonders.

    26th - John Jenkins - Instead of taking all guys who are "projects" with a lot of potential, here we grab a young man who already knows how to shoot the basketball. He averaged 19.9 ppg with a 44% from 3 pt land, and instant upgrade over Boobie Gibson.

    33rd - Darius Miller.... Not a guy that WOW's you in any aspect, just an all around solid wing. I believe he has the athleticism to play the 2 and the 3 coming off the bench, and has already proved at UK that he'll take the role playing spot very seriously. He deferred to certain stars at UK to be a winner, and that seems like a perfect fit to the young Cavs.

    34th - Kevin Jones (if available), if not, Herb Pope. Simply would look to add some PF depth here. Both Jones and Pope are seniors who had solid careers at their respected Big East schools. Again, neither of these guys would ever translate to superstars, but both have strong, solid frames and wouldn't be afraid to bang down low with the big boys.

    Obviously, there's a ton of other scenarios that could play out. There are several other players we could draft at each spot, we could get worse picks, we could trade one of our 1st rounders, trade one or both of our second rounders, etc.. I just REALLY like the idea of bringing in 4 young guys to start building around Kyrie and Tristan with, even though I acknowledge the growing pains that could come with it.

    So who's with me? Anyone else hoping to hold onto these picks? Is trading one or two of them a better scenario?

    GO CAVS!
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  2. Henry Tuttle

    Henry Tuttle Sixth Man

    Sep 29, 2007
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    I don't understand why so many believe we can move up by packaging a 2nd rounder. I just don't see any team in the late teens/early 20's opting to take two rookies over one, especially one where they can be more selective. I wouldn't be mad if the Cavs ended up using all 4 picks (stashing one of the picks), but my guess is we trade a 2nd for a future 2nd in the hopes that somewhere down the line that pick will allow us the flexibility to move up in the first round.
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  3. CleveRocks

    CleveRocks There go the Cavs!

    Apr 19, 2005
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    No, I don't think you are solo on keeping the picks, but beyond Drummond, I think you might be solo on what to do with them..
  4. Numbers Guy

    Numbers Guy 1234567890

    Mar 25, 2008
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    It's like this: If a teams has an eye on a player that they know will be available later on in the draft due to a promise made or an under the radar type player.. they would be wise to essentially get an early second rounder for free. Then that team could stash the player over seas, bring in a player, or flip the pick while still receiving the player they wanted all along. Do I think this will happen? I don't know.. but it's definitely a scenario.

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