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Game 70 @ New Jersey

Discussion in 'The RCF Blog' started by camakazee, Mar 22, 2009.

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    Time for Camakazee's neat-o stats of the night.


    Playing Your Role.

    The main reason that the Cleveland Cavaliers have been so successful this year is because everyone on the team recognizes their role. When the team is truly clicking, every player is performing his role to the best of his ability. While the Cavaliers didn't pound the Nets tonight (at least not in the boxscore), all of the players, from five to one played their role to a t. Here is a look at the trends from tonight's starting five when they are on their game:

    - Zydrunas Ilgauskas came out strong, scoring six of the team's first eight points. Collecting 18 points on the game, the Cavaliers improve to 18-2 on the season when the big fella scores 16 or more points in a game. Also, big Z recorded 4 blocks tonight, passing John Williams for most blocked shots in Cavaliers history with 1,202 (1,203 according to basketball reference, but they seem to have credited Z with one too many blocks this season).

    - Anderson Varejao also played solid, recording his eighth double-double of the season. More importantly, the Cavaliers now improve to 19-1 this season when the pick and roll is working and Varejao scores 12 or more points in a game. Additionally, Varejao has 112 rebounds over the last 14 games since Ben Wallace has been out of action (8.0 rebounds per game).

    - Seemingly taking it easy for three quarters, LeBron James turned up the heat in the fourth, recording his 31st 30+ point performance of the season. However, the team truly shines when LeBron is hard at work on the glass, grabbing 10 or more rebounds. After tonight, the Cavs are 14-1 this season in games that LeBron grabs double-digit rebounds. LeBron has 128 rebounds in the 14 games since Wallace's injury (9.1 rebounds per game).

    - Delonte West had a very quiet game, managing to make only one shot the entire game. He did manage, however, to grab three rebounds and dish out five assists. His point guard abilities are not lost on the team, as the Cavs are 14-2 in games that Delonte records at least 5 assists.

    - Two games removed from the night where Mo Williams accounted for the team's only two turnovers, he managed to play perfect tonight. Handling the ball for 38 minutes tonight, Mo managed to commit zero turnovers for the ninth time in a game this season. Cleveland is 8-1 in such games. Further, as he managed to grab 7 rebounds tonight, the Cavs improve to 6-0 when Mo is rebounding at that mark (they are 16-2 when he grabs 5 or more, too).

    - Lastly, while it is much publicized that the Cavs are undefeated (32-0) when scoring 100 points or more in a game this season, they aren't bad when the defense is clicking either. After tonight, the Cavaliers are 28-1 in the twenty-nine games that they hold the opposing team to less than 90 points. By contrast, the Cavs only held their opponent to under 90 points twenty-two times last season (record: 18-4).

    Hollerin' at Hova.

    One complaint that some Cavs fans have is LeBron's ability to shine in front of celebrities such as Jay-Z on the road, moreso than in front of the fans at the Q. Whether you hate it or love it, the stats are undeniable. Here is a look at how LeBron performs at New York and New Jersey in front of close friend Jay-Z:

    Last 6 games @ NJ (including tonight; record: 3-3):

    - LeBron James (6 games): 34.3 points, 7.0 assists, and 6.7 rebounds.

    LeBron's career versus New Jersey (record: 9-10):

    - LeBron @ NJ (10 games): 30.2 points per game.

    - LeBron vs. NJ (9 games): 27.3 points per game.

    Last 4 games @ NYK (record: 3-1):

    - LeBron James (4 games): 40.0 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 7.0 assists.

    LeBron's career versus New York (record: 13-7):

    - LeBron @ NY (10 games): 30.1 points per game.

    - LeBron vs. NY (10 games): 24.9 points per game.

    Ultimately, LeBron has scored a monsterous 603 points in his career at New York and New Jersey (30.2 points per game). By contrast he has scored 495 points in his career against the Knicks and Nets at home (26.1 points per game). I, however, have no problem with the fact that LeBron's only two 50 point performances against the Knicks came in New York. Personally, I enjoy showcasing our franchise's best player on the road, while Knicks fans have to look at Cleveland's record and die a little more inside.

    Coincidentally, the Cavaliers are now 2-0 against the Nets on the season, with both wins coming in New Jersey (also 2-0 at New York). On the other hand, the Cavs were 0-2 in games at New Jersey last season. Here is how the two seasons stack up:

    2007-08 @ New Jersey

    - Record: 0-2.

    - Cavaliers: 98.0 points per game on 70-155 (45.2%) shooting.

    - New Jersey: 104.5 points per game on 78-156 (50%) shooting.

    - Cleveland's other four starters (i.e. w/out LeBron): 32.5 points per game on 23-49 (46.9%) shooting.

    - Taking care of the ball: Cavs - 15.0 turnovers per game.

    2008-09 @ New Jersey:

    - Record: 2-0.

    - Cavaliers: 101.0 points per game on 69-151 (45.7%) shooting.

    - New Jersey: 85.0 points per game on 61-157 (38.9%) shooting.

    - Cleveland's other four starters (i.e. w/out LeBron): 53.0 points per game on 35-74 (47.3%) shooting.

    - Taking care of the ball: Cavs - 8.5 turnovers per game.

    The biggest stand-out from last season to this season is the way the Cavaliers have implemented their defensive system against the Nets, making them play Cleveland Cavalier basketball in their own arena. The Nets averaged only 85.0 points on 38.9% shooting over the two games this year contrasted with the 104.5 points on 50% shooting last season. Also, just as it has been the case the whole season, LeBron has had more help from his starting cast (20.5 more points per game than last season!).

    Take 'em to Church.

    With the win tonight, the Cavaliers improved to 7-2 on the season in games played on Sunday. Over their seven wins, they managed to beat the Pistons twice, top Miami, and take out the Hawks in Atlanta. Also, the Cavs started the month of March off in grand fashion on a Sunday. Here is a look at some notables from this month:

    - The Cavaliers are now 12-1 in March, with their best winning percentage (92.3%) in a month this season. With four games remaining, the Cavs need only two wins to post their most wins in a month for the season. Furthermore, with the 12th March win tonight, LeBron James now has his most wins in a March for his career (55-33 lifetime in March).

    - Similarly, over the last five seasons, the Cavaliers have only experienced four months with double-digit wins. This season, however, LeBron and the Cavaliers have matched that mark with four months of 10 or more wins.

    - Lastly, the month of March has been kind enough to bless Cavs fans with a nine game winning streak, the team's second-longest streak of the season. Here is a look at LeBron James' gaudy numbers from the nine game streak:

    LeBron James (9 games): 30.1 points, 9.6 rebounds, 9.6 assists, 2.3 steals, and 1.8 blocks.

    Nearly averaging a triple-double, LeBron has had four triple-doubles in the nine games over the winning streak. This is especially impressive when you consider that LeBron had only 10 career triple-doubles before the start of last season.

    View from the other side:

    - Vince Carter, who scored 25 points on 11-23 (47.8%) shooting, recorded his first game without a three pointer since March 6th. Vince has had 52 games with a three point make this season, compared to just 17 games without a three pointer.

    - After scoring 4 points tonight, Yi Jianlian is averaging only 5.1 points per game over his last 8 games. Jianlian was averaging 10.5 points per game before the All-Star break in his first season with the Nets. Since the All-Star game, however, he is averaging only 6.0 points per game.
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    Keep up the fantastic work, Camekazee!


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