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Lower Level Tickets

Discussion in 'The Classifieds' started by Soda Popinski, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. Soda Popinski

    Soda Popinski Situational Stopper

    Aug 27, 2008
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    Deep in the Q
    I have seats available for the games listed below. They are in Section 128 Row 4. They are a great game experience. Right on the aisle next to the Cavs locker room. High five players on the way in and out of the locker room. Kevin Love sits about 5 feet from you when he comes out of the game and rides the exercise bike. If interested please message me or reply here. Can do the transaction through paypal

    Date Day Team Time
    9-Dec Friday Miami Heat 7:30
    13-Dec Tuesday Memphis Grizzlies 7:00
    2-Jan Monday New Orleans Pelicans 7:00
    4-Jan Wednesday Chicago Bulls 8:00
    19-Jan Thursday Phoenix Suns 7:00
    25-Jan Wednesday Sacramento Kings 7:00
    1-Feb Wednesday Minnesota T-Wolves 7:00
    11-Feb Saturday Denver Nuggets 7:30
    15-Feb Wednesday Indiana Pacers 7:00
    23-Feb Thursday New York Knicks 8:00
    27-Feb Monday Milwaukee Bucks 7:00
    6-Mar Monday Miami Heat 7:00
    14-Mar Tuesday Detroit Pistons 7:00
    16-Mar Thursday Utah Jazz 7:00
    25-Mar Saturday Washington Wizards 7:30
    31-Mar Friday Philadelphia 76ers 7:30
    2-Apr Sunday Indiana Pacers 6:00
    7-Apr Friday Atlanta Hawks 7:30
    12-Apr Wednesday Toronto Raptors 8:00
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  2. SrRojo

    SrRojo Rookie

    Nov 29, 2016
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    Hey Soda,

    I am interested in the tickets to the Grizzlies on December 13th. How much are you looking to sell them for?

  3. Igo2XS

    Igo2XS Lurking Specialist

    Apr 10, 2009
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    How many tickets do you have and how much?

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