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RCF Redraft Realtime Vs Skip ahead

Discussion in 'RCF Fantasy League' started by Tornicade, Jul 17, 2016.


What pace would you like to play at

Poll closed Jul 18, 2016.
  1. Updates for a week of games at a time

  2. Updated for a month of games at a time

  3. Real Time - You manage your team every day for the length of the schedule.

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  4. simulated to Trade deadline then playoffs the playoff results

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  1. Tornicade

    Tornicade TornScout 7400. Version 23C

    May 11, 2011
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    Columbus, oh
    So we have several option for playing the league. We can update results a week at a time. a Month at a time or there may be an option to run the league in realtime ( if Paspn is used.)

    Please think about the time commitment involved in a real time league where you would need to log in every 2 weeks over the course of a season.

    Mean while a skip ahead league would be done with in less than a month

    Cavs - @gourimoko
    Kings - @TheLand1287
    Hornets - @Czvosec
    Lakers - @jking948
    Blazers - @Rob
    Warriors - @Hydroponic3385
    Spurs - @Simon
    Knicks - @Heisenberg
    Nets - @Plaxicofan7
    Mavericks - @GwenJen
    Grizzlies - @Akron330
    Celtics - @Pioneer10
    Clippers - @JMcCurry08
    Bucks - @tocov
    Jazz - @bornjoke
    Sixers - @MirORich
    Thunder - @I'mWithDan
    Suns - @The Red Viper
    Magic - @CBBI
    Rockets - @David.
    TWolves - @BimboColesHair
    Pelicans - @tonyn
    Wizards - @stickboltman
    Pistons - @Dog
    Raptors - @macbdog
    Pacers - @Dupp
    Bulls - @tdrider
    Nuggets - @CosmoKramer
    Heat - @G00seY3
    Hawks- @Rich
    @Cashius X
    @The Wizard of Moz

    Administrator: @Tornicade
    Commissioner Squad: Roles and title TBD

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