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The three that round out the bottom left corner would be so much better if you got rid of the logos.
Does Chuck Knoblauch agree?

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LOL, the Browns hat is so unfortunate. Might have well just put a sign that says "Logo goes here".

In all fairness though, none of these are exactly great. Considering how much Nike wanted to make it sound like they were going to push the envelope, these are about as vanilla as baseball caps can get.
I kind of like the practicality of the hats. Reebok wasn't a big purveyor of the hat culture. I definitely can see occurrences where players are wearing the hats on the sideline and, honestly, I think it will be enough to get fans wearing the hats. One reason I was never interested in basketball or football hats is because they're not represented by the players on the teams. I mean, I know for certain that I wouldn't buy a cheesy Indians or Browns basketball jersey..