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    Default Re: Why The Browns Should Trade For Tim Tebow

    Ridiculous opinions being thrown around by both sides.

    My take is this...Tebow started off games HORRENDOUSLY. Like record-breakingly bad completion percentages. But the run game and defense would keep them in games. He'd then have the opportunity to win the game or get them cloae enough enough for a FG...and I'll be damned, he'd seize on the opportunity and get it done. He's not a stereotypical QB. He IS a winner and a great leader. But what he is NOT is a QB that is going to have long term success.

    He runs a gimmicky offense. He has a terrible arm and he's laughably innacurate. I he's the starter for the Broncos this year and teams have a full off-season to prepare, Tebow-mania ends week 3 at the latest.

    Elway made the right decision. Tebow should make a good FB and a fantastic wildcat Qb, but that's it.

    Gotta love the kid's mentality and clutchness, but the actual skill is just not there.
    Thanks everyone for the LeBron bets. All debts are paid on your behalves. I was happy to lose.

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    Default Re: Why The Browns Should Trade For Tim Tebow

    It is over. Can we please move on to relevant conversation?

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    Default Re: Why The Browns Should Trade For Tim Tebow

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