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Dec 21, 2008
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Didn't know where else to put this so I made a low content thread.
Connecticut grabbed its second win in AAC play, beating the Memphis Tigers 83-73 at the FedEx Forum. “Martha,” Connecticut alumnus and Stamford resident Blair Whitson called to his wife from the breakfast nook as he read the Greenwich Time, “did you see that the men won a game? At Memphis. Remember when we went down to Memphis to visit your friend Caroline?” Of course I remember, Martha thought to herself, as she sat, pretending to read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl for a book club she had made up as an alibi so she could have a biweekly tryst with an auto mechanic named Trent from Bridgeport. Every two weeks she would buy a book at the Barnes & Noble in the Stamford Town Center and her heart would flutter as she thought of the things Trent would do with her. And every time, as she left his shabby apartment, she would leave Trent the book on his nightstand. Because unlike her, and despite his erotic depravities, he was interested in reading and making something of himself. Martha didn’t know if he was willing to put up with her for the books, or the connections into the world of high society she had claimed to still have, but she didn’t care. As long as the relationship was a transaction, she was satisfied. He was nothing but an object to her, much the way her former best friend Caroline had been nothing but an object to Blair. That was all that mattered. “Honey, do you remember the trip?” Blair asked again, snapping Martha out of her reverie. But she decided to shrug rather than give her husband the pleasure of an answer, before retreating back into the world of daydreams.

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