2015 NCAA March Madness

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I got MSU in the Final Four too. And Duke. Just wish I would have been in a pool where money was involved.

I had Virginia going into the final 4. Luckily everyone else in my league had either them, Nova or Oklahoma. I was the only one with Wisconsin going into the f4 and am up 11 points. The only way I'm going to lose is if Duke wins it all so my preference is them losing tomorrow. Basically have to cheer for Kentucky until Duke loses.
I expect Wisconsin vs kentucky to be an epic game
Big Ten in Final Four:
Wisconsin & Michigan State
Ryan & Izzo
Matta is no Ryan or Izzo
If Duke wins tonight, I'm tuning out all together from the Final Four. All four teams can kiss my ass.
Hit the entire final four.

b00bie knows.
Duke is so good. They, UK, Wiscy have been the clear cut best teams all season. No accident they are the ones left.
Duke gets all the calls.
I hate all the ticky tack fouls in the college game. The teams are thin enough on talent without their bigs sitting on the bench part of the 2nd half due to foul trouble. It seems like every game you have at least 3 or 4 guys in danger of fouling out. Seriously I think the college game should allow for 7 fouls if they aren't going to officiate them more sensibly.
I have Kentucky winning it all, but I really hope Wisconsin wins tonight.
Kaminsky would look sooooo good on the Cavs.

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