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2017-2018 Season Thread

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What a night of basketball.

Gutsy comeback by the Buckeyes.

This team is for real because of their team defense. Even if they go cold, or someone is in foul trouble, they can still win with defense.
Big win for us. Credit to Holtmann for sticking with that small ball lineup during that 2nd half run. Wesson got in foul trouble and we just changed the defensive tempo on a dime.
Hot take alert: Holtmann is the best coach in Ohio, regardless of sport or level
Kam Williams should have to pay his scholarship back. Dude has been ass or suspended for two years.
How are our recruiting prospects for next year shaping up? Not very up to snuff when it comes to Holtmann's recruiting style / past success but based on a quick bucknuts glance, looks like our 2019 class has a lot more potential.
It’s not great.
This OSU/Penn St. game is ridiculous. Carr is a really nice guard for PSU and Bates-Diop is heating up finally.
This has been a hell of a game. Penn State is a good team, how the hell did they not beat any other good teams?

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