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2017-2018 Season Thread

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So OSU up 2, refs then decide

Call a ticky tack 4th foul on Tate that costs OSU a FT
Misses obvious foul on Kam jumpshot
Misses foul on loose ball
Misses obvious out of bounds on Gonzaga, leading to a 3
And then an awful 5th foul on Tate...guess the refs had Zags
What a horrible stretch of play. One of the worst I've seen. Gave us hope then yanked it away.
Go Xavier! This Gonzaga team with the game of there life along with some assistance from the refs.
Tough end to a great season. Now we ride for UMBC/Loyola.
Ohio State was a dynamic guard away from being a threat. CJ is too inconsistent and Dakich, while serving a valuable role, was just too limited offensively.

It didn't help that Kaleb Wesson flaked out down the stretch and made minimal contributions outside of racking up fouls.

Always frustrating to let a winnable game slip away, especially after UNC tanked and the bracket opened up some, but they certainly exceeded expectations and the future looks bright.
There’s no way Keita comes back, is there?

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