2020 Draft Prospects Thread


Dec 6, 2007
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How far ahead is Thomas then the rest? it seems after 2 terrible years of tackles in the draft this one is loaded. Seems u have 12 to 15 guys going in first 2 rounds--Jackson USC, Little Stanford, Adams Was, Throckmorton Ore, Leatherwood AL, Wirfs Iowa, Jackson Iowa, Wanagho Aub, Durant Miss, Niang TCU, Beckton Louis. Would love to see Browns take 2 in 1st 2 rounds or take one early and take one late like Trey Smith(with health concerns).
I think Thomas is a step above Wirfs, Jackson and Leatherwood. Those guys are maybe a touch ahead of Wanogho.

Thomas is just so, so ready. He's got everything. Pure plug and play.

Guys I think will wind up going in R1/R2:

Andrew Thomas
Tristan Wirfs
Alex Leatherwood
Jedrick Willis
Prince Tega Wanogho
Austin Jackson
Lucas Niang

Others who could work their way into that mix:
Hakeem Adeniji
Josh Jones
Ezra Cleveland
Matt Peart

Delpit or Jeudy if you have needs at both??

He's still just 20 years old, won't turn 21 until around the combine.

Just an unbelievable all-around prospect. Needs to be more consistent with his hands, but he's going to be a monster.

Okudah or Diggs??
Okudah by a slight margin for me. Physicality sets him apart from the rest of this class. I think Diggs fits in well with Adebo from Stanford, Shaun Wade from tOSU and AJ Terrell from Clemson.

Young or Thomas??
Young. One of the best prospects I've ever seen regardless of position.

Haven't felt this way about a prospect since Adrian Peterson came into the league.

Burrow or Fields(if he could come out)??

Fields has a ways to go refining his delivery and arm motion, as well as his calmness and footwork in the pocket under pressure.

Don't think this one is particularly close, I am super high on Burrow as a pro prospect.

How do u rank ur QBs?

Fromm GA
Tua Ala
Burrows LSU.
Herbert Ore
Hurts OK
Eason Wash
Love Utah St
2nd day
Mond Tam
Ehlinger Tex--I really like taking a chance on him in 3rd round

sorry for so many questions AZ. I like the draft.
Love the questions, sorry its taken me a while to respond.

How I rank the QBs:

1. Burrow - Clearly out in front of the pack, by a wide margin for me.

2. Kellen Mond - Likely not going to be a popular opinion. Quick release, top notch arm strength. All the physical tools you want in a QB. Can make the off-platform throws with ease, really excels at it. Needs to get better with his touch, when to loft over coverage vs. planting it on his receiver. Makes some questionable decisions that are rather dangerous without the touch he needs. Wouldn't be surprised if he stays in school, but I think he could work his way into the R1 mix in a weak QB class.

3. Herbert - Day 2 guy for me who will certainly be drafted on 1. Not nearly ready for the NFL, a developmental prospect who needs to acclimate himself with eye discipline and understanding reads.

4. Love - Another developmental prospect I wouldn't touch on Day 1, though he may get drafted there. Flashes signs of great footwork and the ability to make throws down the field with precision. Lacking in great coaching or understanding coverages. Makes way too many mistakes.

5. Tua - Just not impressed with his footwork, reaction to pressure, decision making. Has the best supporting cast and pair of tackles in college football, yet consistently puts himself in trouble.

6. Cole McDonald - Hawaii prospect, good athlete who can move around and deliver off-plane and within an RPO scheme. Later round guy who I wouldn't be surprised if he hangs around.

7. Fromm/Eason - Barely draftable guys for me. Slow-footed, inconsistent, little sign that either can manipulate defenses or be accurate on a regular basis.

Hurts/Ehnlinger - Not draftable


Dec 6, 2007
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Mock Draft 2.0

Justin Simmons - FS - Denver - True centerfielder that comes at the largest price tag of the off-season. With Ward and Williams still on rookie contracts, the Browns can throw some cash out there that replaces Randall/Burnett in the back end. Elite defender and Pro Bowl caliber player.

Brandon Scherff - G - Washington - Dorsey seems to spare no expense when he sees the chance to rectify a major problem area. Scherff is among the game's best, and can step into the RG spot and immediately turn it into an area of strength.

Damarcus Robinson - WR - Kansas City - True deep threat with elite speed down the field, which presents another interesting dynamic for this offensive system. Stretching the vertical routes with Robinson will make OBJ and Landry more functional, in addition to the underneath passing game.

Jack Conklin - OT - Tennessee - Hasn't quite lived up to the top billing he got as a top pick, but when paired with Scherff on the right side, he should be able to develop into the mid-tier or better starter that adds a positive in the run and pass game. Short-term, prove it deal that the Browns will use to develop a RT behind him.

Damarious Randall
Chris Hubbard
Greg Robinson
Rashard Higgins
Christian Kirksey
Morgan Burnett


1 - Austin Jackson - LT - USC - More and more convinced he's going to wind up in the middle of the first. His technique with his lower half, the athleticism he brings with him, including a great kick-slide that shows off his fluidity. His strength appears to be the largest concern, but he'll have the opportunity to prove this in workouts.

2 - DeVonta Smith - WR - Alabama - Not a need, but he's a talent. Catches everything, spreads the field. Smith, Robinson, OBJ, Landry, Hodge as your five receivers will give this OC (whoever it is) innumerable options.

3 - Hunter Bryant - TE - Washington - Smaller H-back that moves around the offense and creates havoc. Elite pass-catcher with good athleticism and a willing blocker on the outside but will struggle against LB/DL.

3 - Antoine Winfield Jr. - S - Makes plays all over the field as a guy you can match up single high or in man. Sort of a hybrid slot safety in the Honey Badger mold, but his injury history will scare some teams away. Finds the ball all the time.

4 - Jordan Elliott - DT - Mizzou - Going to rank pretty high in the SPARQ categories, but hasn't really shown the production. Pure projection talent who has all the skills, but needs to progress his technique. Depth player behind Larry O and Richardson.

5 - Ezra Cleveland - OT - Boise St. - Technically sound player that isn't very long or athletic. Similar to how I view the Forbes pick this year, let him get in the system and see where he is.

6 - Jaylinn Hawkins - S - California - Larger, in the box safety that pairs up well with another guy I was watching, Ashtyn Davis. Hawkins is a guy you match up over the TE and allow him to play as a 4th LB. Aggressive player who should be able to impact special teams.