2020 NBA Draft

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Jun 19, 2008
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I think it's getting a bit muddied between a playmaker and a point guard in all honesty, when I list players I list them at the positions they can defend because I feel its the easiest way to make a viable line up on court and it comes with the assumption there is generally a lead player on offense at pg/sg/sf. For example I guess technically LeBron is the lakers pg in their starting lineup but the guards are Green/KCP and Kawhi is technically the pg for the Clippers as all Beverly really does is defend but I would list KCP/Beverly as the pg's for those teams.

I think the cavs view Porter as the playmaker on the team so to draft a point guard when Sexton defends that position (or the weaker guard if the point guard is a star) with Porter on the court is not something they're looking to do and doesn't fit, however a player like Avdija who also has playmaking skills but the size to defend 3's is ideal. From what I am reading is theyre very much 'all in' on Porter which is fairly in line with my views on the team make up/direction/needs
I get that but IMO it's really scary to put that much projection onto the 30th pick in last year's draft. His assists/turnovers per 36 numbers were about the same as Sexton's first two seasons. Porter will need to take a significant jump to become our main playmaker on a serious playoff contender. Not saying he can't do it - he showed flashes last year (good and bad) - but it's a gamble.