2021 3rd Rounder Anthony Schwartz-WR - Auburn

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Aug 20, 2005
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Seriously though, I can't have been the only one thinking that maybe they were keeping him held out of the preseason as a secret weapon of sorts for the first week.

Good luck covering him, OBJ, and DPJ at the next level of the defense...

I'm looking forward to a Schwartz interview. What I assume happened is that the Browns scripted plays to break OBJ loose. When OBJ was a late scratch, they kept the plays that were practiced all week... so Schwartz went from backup to feature WR1.

The bottom line is Schwartz didn't shit his pants and looked great in the role.
Jan 9, 2009
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We all thought this guy was really raw and did not have sufficient skills to contribute immediately - just speed. I was shocked by the number and variety of passes he caught. Obviously he had a lot to learn but for a third round pick in his first game with elite speed? We add OBJ to this crew with Baker’s howitzer and defensive coordinators are not going to sleep well. What a job by Berry & team to draft this guy and Stefanski & staff to coach this guy.

Browns went to the NFL Championship game 11 of their first 20 years (including last year pre-merger) but none since. It may not be this year but we will get back to where we belong - in the Championship game. Shout out to the fan with the sign showing we have EIGHT championships (NEO has 13!). It’s why, even after the debacle of 1996-2018 the Browns name still resonates in the NFL (Badass Jim Brown helps that as well).

Sunday the Big Bad Browns are back in town!

Can’t wait to see the Browns in SoFi next month. Birthday present from my wife!


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Nov 20, 2017
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He runs a faster 40 than Tyreek Hill. If he can continue to work on the rest of his game this dude has game breaking potential.


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Jun 30, 2005
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Here's my question:

He was a bad producer in college because of system and QB he had, much like DPJ. Are WRers in the draft graded too harshly on their production and not enough on traits?

Because I'll be honest, from the little I've seen, I think Schwartz has big, big potential. I knew he was fast but he runs decent routes already and has shown a willingness/ ability to attempt to high point on a contested catch.

If he keeps this up, and keeps producing, I don't know how teams stop the offense with OBJ, Schwartz, Landry, Njoku and Hunt on the field. Thats a QBs dream.


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Sep 1, 2006
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Here's my question:

He was a bad producer in college because of system and QB he had, much like DPJ. Are WRers in the draft graded too harshly on their production and not enough on traits?

Could just be luck. Even the most poorly tuned Naive Bayes finds a nut some times.

I keep comparing him to Corey Coleman in my mind. Seems like they had a lot of the same weaknesses, but Coleman went in the first round because he had college production & ran for touchdowns.

  • Instant blur off the snap
  • Feet turn over at a blinding pace and he devours cushion before cornerbacks know what hit them
  • Able to get over the top of every corner he faced and demands safety help over the top
  • Works back to the ball
  • Explosive leaper with ability to climb ladder and win the 50/50 ball and body control to secure the acrobatic catch
  • Touchdown maker finishing 2015 with 20 receiving touchdowns
  • Smooth, speedy stems to the post will be difficult to mirror and match for NFL cornerbacks
  • Easy route adjustments in space
  • Defenders who try to jam and miss pay the iron price (touchdowns)
  • Able to make tacklers miss in tight spaces
  • Has experience as ball carrier and punt returner
  • Heavily targeted (39 percent) in Baylor's high-flying attack
  • Does his best work from outside the numbers, but lacks desired NFL size to play outside
  • Allows cornerbacks to leverage him against the sideline on deep throws
  • Takes longer than expected to gear down for comeback routes after hitting top speed
  • Ran limited number of simple routes
  • Hands are a concern
  • Fails to catch away from his body
  • Dropped 10 passes for a drop rate of 11.9 percent
  • Loses focus and concentration on routes that work towards the middle of the field or when he senses defenders are closing in
  • Had sports hernia surgery that forced him to miss his bowl game

  • World class sprinter with game-changing speed.
  • Requires additional coverage attention when he's on the field.
  • Useful weapon or decoy with jet sweeps or ghost motion.
  • Blows right by confident man coverage in getting deep.
  • Threat of long speed creates easy throw and catch underneath.
  • Able to change route direction while maintaining scary speed.
  • Bursts free to separate from route stems.
  • Open-field vision and wiggle to put it in the paint after the catch.
  • Full-time gunner potential if he can improve as a tackler.
  • Just six of his 117 total catches went for touchdowns.
  • Routes are unfocused and often ineffective underneath.
  • More quick-game gadget guy than true receiver at this time.
  • Disappointing effort in scramble mode.
  • Consistent issues tracking and adjusting to the long ball.
  • Instincts as a pass catcher are below par.
  • Needs to become catch-ready more quickly.
  • Focus and hand strength have been consistent issues.