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2021 Series #9 | Indians @ White Sox | April 30 - May 2, 2021

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We do need to let the young guys pitch, but we may have to pick up a veteran SP for the stretch run if we are in contention... I think we will end up alright, but it isn't going to hurt us to have another veteran guy to help them out some.
Is it just me, or do I remember a lot of the same posters going on about how the starting rotation would be just fine given how the org spits out starting pitchers like watermelon seeds at a picnic ??

What is all this talk about it taking time, and having to cycle through to see who is who, or we knew it would be a transition year, or ...

The starting rotation is about what you would expect. Lots of young guys trying to establish themselves at the big league level. Very tough thing to do. I think the Cleveland fans have deluded themselves into thinking the org had some kind of magic wand they waved, or pixie dust they sprinkled, or water they could change to wine, that the Clevinger's, Kluber's, Bauer's, were a product of.

They are good at producing starters no doubt, they have been on the lucky side with some of the talent that has come their way over the past few years, but that does not mean it is an automatic. Remember the names in the not so distant past - Cody Armstrong, Danny Salazar, Zack McAllister, Ryan Merritt, Adam Plutko, AJ Cole, Jefry Rodriguez - that same pixie dust didn't seem to work on. All to easy to forget those names while remembering those like Bieber.
I'm OK with this being a reloading season.
I'm not. And I'm sure Shane Bieber, Jose Ramirez, et al aren't either. It's patently absurd to declare what any season is on May 1st, much less a team that was as competitive as it was last year with all the warts it had. It would tick me off as a fan or any serious member of the organization if some higher up just dismissed this season as "reloading."
HORSE SHIT... Late time given to Moncada. just crapola..
plesac ok through 3 - pitch count kinda high but we've got all those pen arms
Nice recovery by Zach..

Looked like Naylor twisted his hand.. like in the hamate bone breaking area.. but.. just a guess..

Nice to see a non-power hitter go WITH the pitch the other way.. Nice hustle by Amed Rosario, as well.. now.. let's see if we can get him in.. Bauers at the plate.. my hope goes from reasonable to desperate..
e-6... but they'll give it to e-5..

Bauers screws up.. as usual.. and he didn't hustle out of the box.. so he's standing on first base.. where is the professionalism with this guy?

But goddamn does Jake Bauers suck dick. Get him the fuck out of here.
Put the ball in play...and amazing things can happen.
e-6... but they'll give it to e-5..

Bauers screws up.. as usual.. and he didn't hustle out of the box.. so he's standing on first base.. where is the professionalism with this guy?
Hammy wonders wtf he's doing too.
Madrigal is a tough out.. gets a 140 foot gork to fall in..puts two runners on.. Like last inning..when Plesac needed 30 pitches to get out of the inning..he was able to do it in 4 pitches against a VERY tough hitter in Tim Anderson.... That's one of the things a young staff has trouble with..getting out of an inning.. closing the frame...

Unless plesac can get out of the next inning with a pitch count in single digits.. we may be looking at a "5 & Fly" outing by our starter.. we'll see...
Today and last week vs. MN has been the Zach Plesac we can win with. His stuff is crisp and his fastball lively. I think we're going to be OK one through three. We'll have to limp along at 4 and 5 until something develops in Columbus or at the major league level.
Uh, they're just throwing fastballs past Johnson now.
Well that's not good to see. DJ striking out like he doesn't belong.

Probably pressing.
One of these times I'd like to think Eddie Rosario would make somebody pay...

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