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2022 - 2023 Buckeye Basketball

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OSU basketball going to finally have a run these next few years? Miss the earlier Matta years.
A lot of turnover at the guard spots doesn’t typically bode well, but they do have a few transfers coming in with quite a bit of experience and success.

Tanner Holden (6’6” G - Wright State) was a big time scorer last year while Sean McNeil (6’3 G) averaged double figures for Huggy Bear at West Virginia. Finally, Isaac Likelele (6’5 PG) started 110 games for OK State the last 4 years.

No five-star freshmen coming in, but they do have four top 100 guys.

Whichever fan base lands him is gonna be pretty disappointed when they realize he’s a good, not great or even special at all D1 basketball player.
What happened to Key?
Holtmann blows, sadly, don't see anybody better coming here.

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