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2022-2023 NBA Regular Season Thread

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Even if you assume for the sake of argument Jokic is a terrible defender isn't the fact that his teams are always good just evidence he overcomes it anyway?

They were w/o Murray AND Porter Jr. all of last year and still won 48 games.

What is your point?

The question here is Jokic vs Embiid vs Giannis. Are you suggesting that because Denver is "always good" that's evidence that we should give Jokic the MVP anyway (I guess Philly and Milwaukee aren't as "always good" as Denver)
He is a net neutral defender and makes an impact on that end if you think about all the nuances of defense beyond iso scoring.

We'll have to agree to disagree then. And I think he'll be exposed badly in the playoffs on that end of the floor.
Huh? Are you being sarcastic? There isn’t the opportunity to be a 3&D player who can guard SFs on this team? It’s like literally our biggest need

Who knows if JBB would even play him.
A few nice results in the East tonight. The Bulls beat the Sixers in Philly in OT; why can’t we ever get the version of James Harden that played tonight.…. 47 minutes and all of 5 points.

The Knicks wasted a career night from Julius Randle to lose at home to the Timberwolves playing sans Anthony Edwards.
Wasn't Embiid lit up like a Christmas tree in the playoffs by Trae Young?

Right now when it comes to postseason trust, Embiid has absolutely earned the least of three and its not even close.

So if you're worried about Jokic in the postseason..
Walker Kessler making Sabonis’ night miserable; 5 blocks , so far. Agbaji up to 25 now and going to the charity stripe

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