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2022 NFL Postseason

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3rd and 3, Chiefs really teetering……and Burrow opted to throw an inaccurate deep ball in to double coverage.

That was one of the worst decisions I’ve seen a high level QB make, in a critical playoff moment, in some time. I just have no clue what he was doing there.
He was believing his own hype a little too much
The dumbass Bengals players and fans put extra pressure on Burrow by basically trolling Mahomes and turning it into Burrow vs Mahomes instead of the Bengals vs the Chiefs
Probably the best defense I’ve seen the Chiefs play though. It was needed.
Dude had 34 yards tonight and got outplayed by his backup lmao.
He’s been trash. He benefits from having elite receivers on his team keeping the defense honest and still couldn’t be anything but ordinary. Him like the rest of the city of Cincinnati wrote a check and expected Burrow to cash it
Bonehead play, tough play, split second decision, but never treat your teammate of such nature. I'm still laughing at the turmoil of Cincy, not at the individual.
The second after they made that call I loved it because I absolutely cannot stand Bungles fans but I definitely was like that sucks for this dude...
Joe Burrow is the luckiest QB I can remember in recent history.

I could argue he hasn’t deserved to win a single one of his playoff Ws.

Raiders, Titans, Chiefs, now Lamar-less Ravens. Bailed out in a big way by his defense every time.

It’s a team game, yet QBs get all the credit. But Burrow doesn’t deserve the credit for these.

This fucker almost got bailed out again…
He was believing his own hype a little too much
Joe Burrow =

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