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2023 Cleveland Browns - Regular Season Thread II

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As it stands currently, the Browns have the tiebreaker over the Ravens. We control our own destiny up until the 3rd seed without needing any help.
Can we just play Denver without all the tiebreaker bullshit yet…. 7 games to go, boys…

We may totally miss the playoffs altogether…
if people can b*tch and nitpick about every little thing that goes wrong, we can play the what if game.

if we are too positive, its slow your roll

but every negative thing is ok...

gif rolling eyes.gif
What’s crazy is that KC won the Super Bowl and had the No. 1 ranked offense in the NFL *without* Tyreek last season.

And they basically brought back close to the same group of guys and it’s just way worse.
Juju must have been the glue guy

Justin Watson getting 11 targets in a real life NFL game is the most unserious business possible

Even our very own inspector gadget would immediately be their best receiver
Yeah the pass blocking praise from last game needs a huge caveat of we were throwing the ball faster on average than the fastest sacks recorded this year

I don’t even like Wills but he should certainly get his job back. If he did I doubt we have the same TTT as we did
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