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2023 NFL Regular Season

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maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...... FUCK THE STEELERS

they get both Bengals games, now without Burrow, Colts, Cardinals, Pats going forward. And they still got a Ratbirds game on the schedule

NFL gotta be rigging this shit schedule wise
You guys see me do this with the Cavs all the time and members on the board who sometimes get a little to "fansy" with their own players and their inability to view them with homer colored glasses.

So I have to do this here with the Steelers.

There is no player in the NFL more overrated by their own fan base than Dionte Johnson. Holy mother of god the STeelers fans swear by him.

Dude has hands like bricks, is slow, and is hurt a lot.

"he runs great routes!" Who cares if everyone can always catch up to you because you run like a fucking tight end with the size of slot WR.
Jets getting spanked and will drop to 4-6.

Yeah, no way that Rodgers comes back this season, even if that was a possibility (which I was very skeptical).
I was hoping the Bills would lose to prove that firing your OC mid-season was a bad idea and that's the reason Pittsburgh hasn't fired Matt Canada. Alas.
And Dobbs crumbles during the 2 minute drill. He was awful.
No miracle for Dobbs tonight. Broncos 21-20.

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