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2023 Season | Series #41 | Dodgers @ Guardians | Aug. 22-24, 2023

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Made no sense. They could’ve finished the ninth before the rain came. Now, they have to wait, the play the 9th and then wait again for a half hour between games.

I'm hoping they just call the first one...
They're hoping all the fans will go home before the second game.
Ah good, they picked it back up, and we've officially lost officially after 9 innings and almost 24 hours.
Can't wait to see how they waste another Gavin Williams start
Betts and Freeman are supermen against the Guardians. Let's see how Gavin does his second time through the order. Tough break on Heyward's dribbler.
Laureano can really mash lefties.
Arias is the key. There’s just so much to like.

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