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2023 Season | Series #45 | Twins @ Guardians | Sep. 4-6, 2023

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Hou and Atl are tough, but the rest are no better than we are. Bos and NYY will be scuffling.
There's no evidence to this. NYY could sign 2 big names and we could face Cole and Rodon on top of it. Matter fact Yankees are probably in the Ohtani sweepstakes. Boston plays us tough too.
So obviously Bo is really coming on and might be something special. But how do you feel about Arius now? I really like the kid. The defense and arm are incredible, but he just looks like a power bat at a non power position, something the Guards need despritly, and it really looks to me he is starting to figutre it out at the plate. Your thoughts?

There are some concerns still, but it becomes hard to overlook results and quality of contact despite the concerns.

Still a very immature and inconsistent hitter, but it seems like every ball he puts in play now is 100+ MPH off the bat with little effort. That’s something a good staff can work with.

When guys are still productive while developing and working on weak points in their game they become easier guys to stick with as they grow because there is a baseline for production, especially when you throw in a 10% BB rate.

Feels like regardless of how you may feel about Arias, whether you believe in him or think he’s going to fail as a player at the MLB level, he’s already established he can hit for power and draw BBs/work deep into counts at an above league average rate.

Gives him a safe floor as a player if the contact rates don’t improve with maturity and seeing more MLB pitching.

And that’s not even touching the floor his defense gives him.
I have always been under the thinking that you lose control over velocity when fatigued.

Typically first things you lose when fatigued are shoulder rotation and lead leg extension/stride length and consistency.

Those lead to less control and less velocity. Not one or the other.
Gallagher has worked is wRC+ up to -5, maybe he can get above 0 before the season ends.
This is the dawning of the age of Gabe Arias

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