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2023 Season | Series #52 | Guardians @ Tigers | Sep. 28-30, 2023

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Alright, time to rally and ruin all of the Detroit fans' day.
Pat Tabler makes you yearn for the return of Rick Manning..
Manning got the offseason started early. Probably out fishing on one of the great lakes.
And for the final time this year, we're down to our last cracks.
Give the fans what they want Tito.

Stephan works into and out of trouble... a microcosm of his year..

Manning, on a day like today.. chasing the little white ball...
Tito lets Stephan have one last try at stoking a fire in a high leverage situation.
That's a wrap! Very disappointing season in terms of W-L record (76-86) and a third place finish. But a very exciting season as we got our first look at Bo Naylor, Rocchio, Tena, Bibee, and Gavin Williams. We also got to witness Josh Naylor's breakout season which I trust will be the first of many.

Hopefully next season we won't have to watch guys like Syndergaard and Giolito starting meaningful games.
We got two runs off Eduardo Rodriguez, which is one more than they got in the previous 21 innings against him. Baby steps.

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