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2024 Guardians Spring Training Thread

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Has anybody noticed the G's haven't had many hard hit balls yet this ST?
I know it's early. I'm just looking for a sign. Any sign.
If the 24 offense is like the 23 offense it will be a long season.
Seems like a lot of ground balls.

I think maybe times have changed. I can remember Trevor Bauer giving up four home runs and saying he had a great outing. He was just throwing fastballs to build up his arm and the hitters knew it.

Now pitchers spend the winter tweaking their pitches at places like Driveline and come to camp in February already throwing nasty stuff. I'm seeing breaking balls all over the place. Spring training is no longer considered a time to gradually ramp up your arm, except maybe for guys who are locked in to a rotation spot like Bieber.

The guys who are pitching now are mostly trying to make the team or make a good impression before they go back to the minors.
Offense is anemic so far... 4 innings in, no hits 2 walks and 7 strikeouts.. Ouch.
Offense is anemic so far... 4 innings in, no hits 2 walks and 7 strikeouts.. Ouch.

I think at least 4 (maybe 5) of those Ks were from Glasnow, who looked really sharp.

I also think both of the BBs were from Laureano, who looks like the most patient hitter this spring, albeit he hasn't had as much success hitting the ball as he has taking walks.
nicer swing by deLauter.. oppo-double
fortunate the ball went out of play.. Tena has to stop at 3B on the ground rule double by Angel Martinez..
The former tribe hand, left the balls up today and we nailed them...

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