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2024 Season | Series #17 | Guardians @ Angels | May 24-26, 2024

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Oct 3, 2019
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Winners of 9 of their last 10 games the Guardians head west for a six-game road trip against the Angels and Rockies, starting in LA. The Angels are 20-30 overall and 6-16 at home while playing .500 ball on the road. They went 1-2 against the Guardians in Cleveland the first week in May, losing 4-1 and 7-1 while winning 6-0.

The Angels started the season 9-9 but have since gone 11-21. They lost Mike Trout for the year and have also lost starting infielders Anthony Rendon, Zach Neto, and Brandon Drury. However, Luis Rengifo has stepped in at 2nd base and is hitting (.308/.824). OF Jo Adell is hitting .234/.802 and RF Willie Calhoun is at .311/.798. Taylor Ward is hitting .271/.795. They have a few good bats.

Calhoun was 5-for-12 against the Guardians with 3 doubles in the first series. The Angels scored only eight runs in three games but six of them were against Tanner Bibee, four on home runs.

The Angels rank 14th in runs per game and 27th in team ERA so pitching has been their Achilles heel. They swing for the fences, ranking 8th in home run percentage and 24th in walk percentage. They are 11th in batting average and isolated power. In May they are 12th in wRC+ so they’re still an average offensive team despite the injuries.

The Angels have not hit well in high leverage situations, ranking 24th with a wRC+ of 84. The Guardians rank 4th at 134, so big advantage for the Guardians in clutch hitting. It remains to be seen whether the Guardians can maintain that as we get deeper into the season.

Logan Allen goes in the opener against Patrick Sandoval, a 27-year-old lefty. Sandoval has a career 3.90 ERA but this year he is 2-6, 4.59. However, in his last four starts his ERA is 2.63 so he’s been very good recently. He did not pitch against the Guardians in the first series. Current Guardians have an OPS of .525 in 30 at-bats so he has been tough on them in a small sample.

Sandoval is 0-4, 4.98 at home. He has been effective from the windup but with runners on opponents are hitting .302 and with RISP it’s .386/.972. Right-handed batters are hitting .282/.734 against him.

Logan Allen is coming off two excellent starts where he threw six shutout innings in each of them. However, the Angels as a team are hitting .276/.774 off lefties as opposed to .239/.697 against right-handers so Allen might be the pitcher they have the most success against in this series.

On Saturday Tanner Bibee faces Jose Soriano in a rematch of the Guardians’ 6-0 loss in Cleveland. Soriano is a 25-year-old right-hander with a 3.30 ERA. He shut out the Guardians on 5 hits in 6 innings in Cleveland.

On Sunday Ben Lively takes on Reid Detmers (3-4, 5.80). The Guardians got to Detmers for seven runs in Cleveland while Lively beat the Angels in that series.
Let's smoke Anaheim for a couple of games.
Patrick Sandoval has an ERA of 4.59 but his FIP is 3.06. He's a better pitcher than his ERA and W-L indicates. However, the Guardians have a 119 wRC+ against left-handed pitchers, which is 5th in the majors. On the road, however, it's just 102.

The Angels have a 99 wRC+ against lefties at home.
Even with a non-sucking central, you have to admit these series don't seem as must win as previous years.

It's a joke this forum has ran with.
Allen's start is the biggest of his career by far. It will ruin his legacy if he loses tonight.
Why is Arias an everyday player now? He's gotten chance after chance after fucking up the play and game at 2B and done absolutely nothing with it, even slacking to 1B on a double play in his last game producing 3 outs in 2 ABs. And here he is again in the lineup.

This is either Vogt and coaching yelling at him to do SOMETHING as he's maybe close being tossed aside, but him getting this much playing time while totally sucking is not what this coaching staff has been about all season.
Rengifo at 2B tonight. Scout him up! :anv (13):

I'm scouting Ward... I wanna see if his slightly different approach this season will benefit him for us in Cleveland later this year...

I expect Rengifo to hit grounders and for Ward to hit off the LF wall...

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