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2024 Season | Series #30 | Guardians @ Tigers | July 8-11, 2024

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Hedges just the man we needed up!
A little excitement on the throw, but no dice.
Would have rather had Arias ready to hit for Hedges and Fry at C. Move to pinch run for Fry was not needed
Javy Baez is trash. Should've kept Noel and played him at 1st and moved Fry behind the plate...
I think Arias did what he told and I get the go on contact... but not so much at this level.

In little league, yeah. First baseman probably fucks it up.

This level if its a weak grounder right at the 1B... I mean its just an easy out.
Andres hitting .250 again with less power is so disappointing. Why he should move to SS to make way for a hitter

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