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Here is a link to what the stats will look like when we start the season: http://leaguelineup.com/gamesum_basketball.asp?url=jbabasketball&sid=934867408&GameID=18739367

Does anyone want to volunteer their current team for an exhibition game so I can put up an example tomorrow?

Also, all of the schedules have been posted for the upcoming season. Don't pay attention to the dates, but pay attention to the order of the games. Each team will play 21 games.

4 out of 6 teams in each conference makes the playoffs!

The first series is a 3-game series, the conference finals is 5 and the finals is 5.

NtG defeats Loki in the first exhibition game 83-77! Follow this link for the stats from that game http://www.leaguelineup.com/gamesum_basketball.asp?url=jbabasketball&sid=935380620&GameID=18740866

I'm willing to play some more exhibitions for you guys if you want, just let me know who you would like to scrimmage with. We are ready to start the draft whenever the number 1 guy picks, but if you haven't gotten your scouting done yet, you can still do that.
If there are any teams left I would be interested in this, checked out the spreadsheet and looks awesome and fun!
Still don't really understand what this is. Seems like a more in-depth Fantasy Basketball league except it's simulation and not real-time. I would've joined but I'm way too busy right now and know I don't have enough time to be active. You should post updates on how your league progresses though. Seems cool.
Still don't really understand what this is. Seems like a more in-depth Fantasy Basketball league except it's simulation and not real-time. I would've joined but I'm way too busy right now and know I don't have enough time to be active. You should post updates on how your league progresses though. Seems cool.

It's more like a simulated 2k association with fake players/coaches.
I will be sure to keep posting updates. If the first season is successful, I will add expansion teams in the offseason!

The draft is underway right now, Loki is on the clock!
Hello, GMs and followers of the league. I just wanted to make you guys aware of a rookie pre-draft combine that happened a couple days ago. The top 16 prospects split up into teams of 8 and played against each other in a 3-game series. The teams were... The Rookie Stars led by first-overall pick, Denis Alexander (PG, Kentucky). The other team was named the Rookie Phenoms, and that team was led by second-overall pick, Lawrence Roman (SG, Akron).

Game 1 (Stats here http://www.leaguelineup.com/gamesum_basketball.asp?url=jbabasketball&sid=38048430&GameID=18744941)

The first game of this series saw a heroic fourth-quarter comeback by the Phenoms, as they trailed by 16 heading into the game's final period of action. The Phenoms came away with the victory though, 67-65.

The Phenoms were led by SF Todd Blanco (Akron), who happened to be overshadowed throughout the college basketball season last year by two higher-rated prospects who also played for the Zips, in SG Lawrence Roman and SF Mario Whittaker. Blanco stole the show in this one though, scoring all 11 of his points in the game's final quarter.

Blanco was only overshadowed by College basketball's player of the year from last season, Texas PF Mikel Pickens. Scouts aren't sold on Pickens' ability at the professional level, but he was an impressive 6-8 from the field, including a perfect 2-2 from long range, he led the Phenoms with 14 points. Robles and Hoover, the teams two centers, finished with 11 and 10 respectively. Blanco's higher touted Akron teammates Roman and Whittaker finished with 8 and 7 points.

For the Stars, it all came down to the play of a certain Kentucky PG that most scouts are enamored with. Denis Alexander finished with a game-high 18 points and a game-high 7 assists. Alexander showed very nice chemistry with Tennessee center Cornelius Cummins, who was the only other star in double-digits (15 pts off the bench).

Game 2

In Game 2, the Stars came back and showed their firepower, in an 82-72 victory. The Stars never trailed in this one, taking a 14-10 lead at the end of the first quarter.

The team was led by their big men in the middle as Tennessee C Cornelius Cummins netted 10 points and four rebounds off the bench, while Carter Olson (C, Texas) added a double-double with 16 points and 14 rebounds. Olson's trademark is not offense though, but he was dominant defensively against opposing center Loren Robles, as he held him to 33.3% shooting on 8 points.

Darryl Schmitt tied Olson's game-high 16 points and also added seven rebounds. Schmitt improved his draft stock and showed that he could fill it up from long-range, by hitting a couple of three-point attempts in the contest.

As for the Phenoms, PG Josiah Jean showed great efficiency, finishing 7-9 from the field with 14 points and 5 assists. Jean didn't miss a shot from inside the three-point line all evening. The team however shot around 21% from three and trailed the whole way.

Other notable scorers for the Phenoms:
Roman 10
Whittaker 11
Blanco 13

Game 3

In game 3, it was the Phenoms who stormed back and dominated, winning 92-78. The Phenoms took a 24-point lead into the final quarter, when the Stars showed their first sign of light for the entire game. The Stars outscored the Phenoms 34-24 in the fourth quarter, but it wasn't nearly enough for the victory.

The Phenoms had, quite possibly, the stand-out performance of the entire Rookie pre-draft combine series from South Carolina center Loren Robles. Robles had 19 points and 14 rebounds on 66.7% shooting, and he did this all against college's Defensive Player of the year last season (Carter Olson).

Robles wasn't alone though, as Lawrence Roman and Mikel Pickens each added in an efficient 15 points, while Mario Whittaker and Alonzo Hoover had 14.

For the Stars, the ball movement just wasn't there from the very beginning. Denis Alexander had a solid outing, shooting above 57% for 11 points and distributing 8 assists, but the stars were led by back-up PG Claire McGuire. McGuire tallied a team-high 14 points. Other double digit scorers on the night were Carter Olson, Daryll Schmitt, and Cornelius Cummins.

Leaders over the three-game combine (Can be seen here http://www.leaguelineup.com/standin...all&sid=38048430&divisionid=698146&listtype=1)

With the draft underway, will these performances give anyone a reason to change their mind on their selections? We will see!
I have one team that I need someone to take. Please PM me if interested, you'll still have time to draft a rookie to your roster and get ready for the season!
Just a reminder, feel free to come into the chat (http://us20.chatzy.com/21733182386145) whenever you are online. NtG and I are usually in there. I will be in there to talk about player moves or to answer any questions.

Philadelphia Freedom are on the clock in the second round! Almost finished w the draft!
It's time for your season preview with Chris Broussard!

JBA Season Preview
By: Chris Broussard

New York Empire:
Overall: 6th out of 12
Offense: 7th out of 12
Defense: 7th out of 12
Average age of best eight players: 22.8 (!!)

The New York Empire found themselves at the top of the draft board last season. Although that's not where General Manager Jeremy Sexton wants the team in the future, he was ecstatic about being able to take who he felt was the best player in the draft. Kentucky PG Denis Alexander will come in and immediately have a chance to start. At 6'5, Alexander will man the SG position, as the Empire fight to get into the playoffs in the East Conference. The Empire are very young, but have some intriguing talent across the board. The team will be led by well-balanced 24-year old Center Roderick Jones. Expect Alexander to make an instant impact.

Player to watch: PG Denis Alexander

Philadelphia Freedom:
Overall: 8th
Offense: 8th
Defense: 8th
Average Age: 28.7

The Philadelphia Freedom are led by their big three, PG Giovanni Werner, SG Sang Peters, and C Salvatore Carmichael. These three haven't proven themselves as stars, but are fringe all-stars and have a chance to bring rookie Darryl Schmitt under their wing. The team is ranked 8th in our power rankings and since 8 teams make the playoffs, they are on the bubble. Sang Peters might be the best offensive SG in the game today, and at the age of 25, he's not going anywhere.

Player to watch: SG Sang Peters

Detroit Dragons
Overall: 7th
Offense: 4th
Defense: 9th
Average Age: 28.125

GM NtG and the Detroit Dragons had their hands full this off-season and they were happy to bring in two solid players. The team's obvious glaring hole is their weak defense, but the Dragons are hoping rookie SF out of Cincinnati, Vernon Burt can help to answer the call. The team will go as far as super-star young PG Connie Wiggins can take them. Wiggins, however, cannot do it alone and look for either Bobbie Langford or Nelson Maher to pick up some of the slack.

Player to watch: PG Connie Wiggins

Jacksonville Tigers

Overall: 1st
Offense: 2nd
Defense: 2nd
Average Age: 30.125

The oldest team in the league is also the most talented. Jacksonville may be the odd-on favorite to win the whole thing this season, but it will come down to the play of their two PG's in a two PG system. Zachary Champagne will lead the way for this team, as Nathan Stephens makes the adjustment from PG to full-time SG. At 6'6 and with supreme athleticism, Stephens will likely be up for the call. The Tigers made an aggressive move this off-season, trading their first round pick (11th overall) to Memphis for 32 year PF Sydney Taylor. Taylor is past his prime, but should be just the help that this talented team needs to make a deep playoff run.

Player to watch: PG/SG Nathaniel Stephens

Columbus Pioneers

Overall: 11th
Offense: 12th
Defense: 3rd
Average Age: 27.5

I'm sure you have all heard the old adage, “defense wins championships.” Well, GM Loki and the entire Columbus Pioneers organization is hoping for that adage to ring true this upcoming season. The Pioneers cannot score well, ranking last in the league in offense, but they will be able to stop just about anyone on the defensive end. Their star player is C Billie Bryson, but also keep an eye out for their big man off the bench, Wayne Ames. Both guys are enforcers. Watch out for 19-year-old second year small forward, Antoine Vogt, who may sometimes be the only reliable offensive weapon for the Pioneers

Player to watch: SF Antoine Vogt

Baltimore Braves:

Overall: 3rd
Offense: 9th
Defense: 1st
Average Age: 28.1

Good luck scoring in the post against this team. The Braves have an intimidating defense led by first-team all best name center Elton Shelton. Shelton and fellow C 33-year old Sean Bragg will man the middle for this squad, to the dismay of their opponents. Bragg and Shelton make up the most feared and most talented front-court in the league. Their focus is on the defensive end, but expect these guys to make a mark offensively as well. PG Ronny Olse and SG Lucas Palmer will have to provide some offense from the perimeter, but this team has a very good chance at being playoff-bound. Keep an eye on first-round draft selection, C Alonzo Hoover as well, as he spells the two big guys from the bench.

Player to watch: C Sean Bragg

West Conference

Los Angeles Wave

Overall: 5th
Offense: 3rd
Defense: 11th
Average age: 30.1

The Los Angeles Wave can flat out score the basketball. Although they are up their in age, they will also get great perimeter defense from 37-year old small forward Blaine Durham. But will their be enough defense for this team to be able to make a playoff run? Rookie Cornelius Cummins will get immediate action off the bench for the Wave, and they will hope that 38-year-old PG Zachery Cassidy can provide the offensive spark while Durham provide the defense. They will need their post players to step up in order to make Cassidy and Durham's (probable) last season a memorable one.

Players to watch: PG Zachery Cassidy and SF Blaine Durham

Chicago Fusion

Overall: 2nd
Offense: 1st
Defense: 5th
Average Age: 27.8

The Fusion own the best rated offense in the league and for good reason. That reason's name is small forward Burton Messer. Messer is only 25 years old, but many scouts regard him as the most talented scorer in the league. He has a chance to lead the league in scoring this year. As long as the role players like C Cunningham and PG McManus can pull their weight, Messer may end up leading this team to a championship.

Player to watch: SF Burton Messer

Denver Fury

Overall: 4th
Offense: 6th
Defense: 4th
Average Age 26.1

The recently moved Denver Fury have a chance to compete for a championship this season behind solid team defense. The team has two defensive enforcers inside the paint in Jermaine Lewis and Bradly Whitehead. These two should help lead a strong defensive team to a solid season. Carmine Green is the PG and the go-to scorer in crunch time, keep an eye on this team as a real sleeper in the Western Conference.

Player to watch: PG Carmine Green

Houston Jets

Overall: 10th
Offense: 10th
Defense 6th
Average age: 27.8

The Jets will be a team that hangs their collective hat on defense this season. 21-year-old PG Rick Dutton will likely be asked to carry the majority of the offensive load. One player who is a dark-horse to make this team very competitive, is rookie and 7th overall draft pick Loren Robles. Robles, a center, packs some serious offensive punch on the low block and could be one of the head candidates for rookie of the year this season.

Player to watch: C Loren Robles

Memphis Bears:

Offense: 12th
Defense: 11th
Overall: 12th

A brief sentence could sum up our interview with Memphis' GM GiJimbo this week, “It's time to rebuild.” Entering the off-season with one of the oldest and least talented rosters in the league, Jimbo set out to pick up some assets. He moved 32-year-old PF Sydney Taylor to Jacksonville in order to pick up the 11th pick in the first round this season. The Bears also picked up a future second-round selection from Baltimore. The team is still in asset collection mode, but hopes to see some positive signs from its young draft picks throughout this season.

Player to watch: C Freddy Baca

Indianapolis Lightning

Overall: 9th
Offense: 5th
Defense: 10th
Average age: 27.3
The Lightning will be led this season by their 31-year-old SG Trenton Jack. (No relation to Jarrett Jack, although they are both shot-chuckers). Jack will have to use his precision mid-range game to lead the 5th-best offense in the league. The starting five is very solid but this team is lacking depth. The most intriguing prospect on their team is former Texas center Carter Olson. Olson was projected as a top-4 pick, but fell all the way to #10 overall where the Lightning were very pleased to swoop in and select him. League sources have told us that Olson was very upset that three centers went off the board before him and he is expecting a rookie-of-the-year type of campaign.

Pre-Season All JBA-First Team:
PG: Zachary Champagne – JAC
SG – Trenton Jack – IND
SF – Burton Messer – CHI
PF – Sean Bragg – BAL
C – Bradly Whitehead – PHO

Preseason All-JBA Second Team:
PG: Carmine Green – PHO
SG: Sang Peters – PHI
SF: - Blaine Durham – LAW
PF: - Elton Shelton – BAL
C: - Dee Chappell – JAC

Preseason All-JBA Third Team:
PG: Connie Wiggins – DET
SG: Nathaniel Stephens – JAC
SF: Antoine Vogt – COL
PF: Billie Bryson – COL
C: Roderick Jones – NYE

Preseason MVP watch list:
1. SF - Burton Messer – CHI
2. PG - Zachary Champagne – JAC
3. SF - Blaine Durham – LAW
4. PF - Sean Bragg – BAL
5. C - Elton Shelton – BAL

Preseason Rookie of the Year watch list:
1. SG Denis Alexander – NYE
2. C Loren Robles - HOU
3. C Carter Olson – IND
4. SF Darryl Schmitt – PHI
5. SF Mario Whittaker - MEM
The Draft is officially complete and it is time to kick off the season!

Tonight's slate of games include:

New York Empire vs Memphis Bears

Philadelphia Freedom vs Los Angeles Wave

Detroit Dragons vs Chicago Fusion

Jacksonville Tigers vs Houston Jets

Columbus Pioneers vs Pheonix Fury

Baltimore Braves vs Indianapolis Lightning
Well, fellow GM's and those who are keeping an eye on the league... we finished the draft and went through three rounds of games! (Some teams had byes, so some have played 2 and some have played 3).

Head over to http://www.leaguelineup.com/standin...jbabasketball&sid=391946035&divisionid=697729 to check out player and team stats as well as standings!

If you are a gm, check out the spreadsheet. We've been cleaning it up quite a bit. You have the opportunity to release players and replace them with undrafted Free Agents at this point. You can also change around your depth chart by PMing me!
How did you do free agents. First come first serve?
Hey, all. When you log in, head over to the chat room at : http://us20.chatzy.com/21733182386145

We have been having a few people in their consistently. You can talk trades or just talk about the league in here. You can also ask me any questions you have and it could probably help you improve your team.

Lastly, I need 2-4 GM's to take over expansion teams for next season. PM me if you are interested!

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