Book 1 Raffle Tonight 1/21/10

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Glen Infante

Apr 17, 2005
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After tonight's game vs The Lakers, RCF will be raffling off the first book out of 5 of Brian Windhorst and Terry Pluto's "LeBron James: The Making of an MVP"

To be eligible you must have donated to the Crunch Time Raffle. It cost 5 dollars to enter, and that 5 dollars could win you a future book, or eventually the 1st game of the NBA Playoffs.

The winner will be randomly selected in raffle style.

To donate, please refer to this link.

Below is more information about the Book:

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"LeBron James: The Making of an MVP"
(softcover / $15.95 / 156 pages / 90 color photos)
By Terry Pluto and Brian Windhorst
The ultimate biography of basketball's hottest star. The book is the most complete—and most colorful —look at LeBron’'s life and professional career to date. Packed with in-depth reporting by Plain Dealer sportswriters Terry Pluto and Brian Windhorst, the book tells what shaped LeBron-- the player and the man-- and how hard work made him basketball's Most Valuable Player
Learn more about the book and read a free sample chapter here: