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Collin Sexton | The Young Bull

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What Resolves First?

  • Collin Sexton's Restricted Free Agency

    Votes: 19 38.8%
  • Baker Mayfield's Tenure with the Browns

    Votes: 30 61.2%

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The Winds of Winter
Apr 3, 2012
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I dont follow college sports at all...but im not liking the reactions on here
Can he immediately come in and get his own shot? Can he do it efficiently?

That’s all that matters right now.

And George Hill is shook
Wanted Porter bad but we don't have excess to the medical.
I dunno what is worse, this pick or hawks trading doncic, congrats to mark cuban
Just ordered my Sexton THE LAND jersey...
Typical here, nothing but ascerbic takes when the Cavs make a pick. Look, this is the nature of an NBA draft... You create your own draft board from what you have watched from college basketball or from draft highlights, but do your REALLY know the top 20 guys? When you were watching the actual Cavaliers play four times a week all season up until two weeks ago? At some point, you have to have a little faith in the scouts who were paid to just focus on the lottery all college season.

That's where I am on this. I personally liked Shai Gilgeous-Alexander more but I will also admit that I don't do this for a living, and in my spare time I watch more pro basketball than college ball. Let's see how this goes, because Sexton has a clear set of strengths. Mentally, he might be the strongest guy in this draft.

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