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Feb 20, 2010
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Admins, feel free to delete or move this but I didn’t know where to post my query and wanted some assistance.

I am a long time Cavs fan and I live in NJ. Been a fan since I was 10 in 1997.

I finally want to go to an NBA game courtside. Besides being a Cavs fan, it’s much cheaper to go to a game there than anywhere in my area.

I’ve spoken to the Cavs front office and they have a really nice deal for sitting one row behind courtside for the home opener on 10/22 against Charlotte, and right at courtside (sideline) the next night 10/22 against Atlanta. The home opener would be 50% off due to purchasing the courtside VIP seats.

The only problem is that the Cavs won’t sell me just one ticket, and as you can imagine it’s hard to find anyone who wants to blow $2200 to see two Cavs games. Or $1850 for one. Especially living in NJ.

But maybe here I could find someone, and organize some sort of dual payment with the team. Worth a shot.

Again, feel free to move to a better place.
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