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Mar 10, 2011
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I don't know if this will apply for basketball.

But, I have signed up for fanduel and fantasydraft.com. In learning about DFS, I read about "overlay". ie tournaments that are guaranteed and don't fill up so say a tournament is for 100 people. The top 50 get paid. Only 40 people sign up. Makes sense to be 41 cuz your guaranteed to win.

Doubt that happens. But, obviously if there are less than the spaces it can be an advantage.

I haven't seen on fanduel. but I think fantasydraft.com is new? Correct me if I am wrong. Either way, I have been winning basically because there are no people (kind of).

Like last week there were say 4444 spots in the $5. Only maybe 3k entries. 2k win.

So like I said "easier" because for the time being there's "overlay". I won with lineups that only had like 120 points.

Um. If you find this useful, maybe use my referral?


For the last two weeks in the NFL this has been the case.

If you have a referral I'll use it for draftkings (not on it yet).


PS Hope it keeps up but figured it won't and probably better DFS players than me (have no idea how to play Basketball). but yeah I entered the 2 dollar and 5 dollar ones they didn't come close to filling up and I won with a lot of lineups I shouldn't have.

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