Episode 2-13: Summer Time

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Jan 28, 2007
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As the offseason progresses into the Las Vegas Summer League, RealCavsFans.com introduces the thirteenth episode of the second season of the Rubber Rim Job podcast.

@The Oi and @RchfldCavRaised connect and manifest a Cavs Summer League team capable of cutting down the nets in the desert:
  • How did Jigo manage to talk about LL Cool J, Will Smith, Bubba Sparxx, Nsync AND New Kids on the Block in the same episode?
  • What songs remind you of summertime that you are probably ashamed of?
  • Diving into Pete Nance, Luke Travers, Khalifa Diop, Craig Porter Jr, Brobley and introducing Emoni Bates
  • Will any of these kids eventually wear the Wine & Gold at the NBA Level?
  • How does AAU, Preps to Pros and the evolving relationship between NCAA and NBDL impact how NBA-ready these kids are?
  • Will Jig be able to BBQ and record a episode at the same time?
Call in and shoot your shot with a :24 second take to be part of the next show 216-282-6289 or join the conversation by creating a profile, reading the rules and adding to the best NBA fan forum online at ⁠https://realcavsfans.com⁠

Best breakdown of Sam Merrill I've heard so far at around one hour and six minutes.

I am on board for "Summer League Dream Team."

EDIT: and my "I'm ashamed to blast this in my car" song is Three Dog Night Shambala. Man enough to admit it.

Great episode gents!
Best breakdown of Sam Merrill I've heard so far at around one hour and six minutes.

I couldnt find a birth certificate for him online. Says he went to "Bountiful" High School in Bountiful, Utah and it's entirely possible he is the oldest of 18 children and he used one of his younger 12 brothers birth certificates as a ticket to get off the reservation :chuckle:

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Episode 2:13 "Summer Time"