Episode 2: A Celtic Chasedown

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Feb 22, 2007
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Good job guys @The Oi @RchfldCavRaised

Great speakers and not just hearing you guys are great listeners. I enjoyed hearing about Boobie Gibson @InBoobieWeTrust . I remember that draft when I wanted to draft Boobie in the first round and we went Shannon Brown instead and I was disappointed because I thought having Boobie would help having shooters for Lebron and never thought we would get him in the 2nd round. I enjoyed having Boobie with us with Lebron together and I’ll never forget that Detroit series in the playoffs. It’s just too bad we had to overpay for Hughes, Marshall, and Jones that time. Was hoping to get Redd or Allen back then. Pretty sure we would have a won a championship at that time.

I know you have mixed feelings about Okoro and I agree he is still running faster than the game really is. His shooting is getting into his head and that’s why we need him to get some shots where he’s more comfortable and getting him opportunities for PnR, back door cuts, etc.

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The Rubber Rim Job Episode 1:2 "A Celtic Chasedown"