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Jul 29, 2013
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As I am sitting at my desk getting ready to send my office reminder regarding Fantasy Football 2015, i have started to scour various sites to find info on potential player predictions, sleeper picks, etc. for 2015.

Considering how knowledgable this forum is, as well as the various team affiliations we all hold dear and the potential breath of knowledge at hand, I figured a thread was needed to discuss the upcoming season as it pertains to Fantasy Football. Treat it as another resource for the highly competitive fantasy season. So leave him here....players you expect to have bigger years / less productive years, the elusive "sleeper" pick, and any rookie projections for the 2015 season. I'll start by saying i think Amari Cooper, considering the year rookie WR's had last year coupled with the growth Carr has made in the off-season, could be a good value pick.

edit: Feel free to delete as i completely overlooked the fantasy portion of the forum! Woohoo, go me!

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