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If y’all had a $50 free bet. What would you use it on??
If y’all had a $50 free bet. What would you use it on??
Find a game that has -100 to +100 odds for each team and bet $25 on each team and you're guaranteed real cash at least. That's what I did with all my bonus bets.

Edit: If you can't split it up then ignore my post.
There was a prop bet on FanDuel yesterday that was every team would hit a FG in the 1pm and 4pm games. It was +18000 odds, and it hit.

I put down $1 on it and got $181, but there were some people who put a lot more and really cashed it out.
If anyone hasn't signed up for Fanatics Sportsbook yet, their deal is a referral gets both of you $100 in fanatics cash (you can either spend it as bonus bets or just buy gear from after your first $10 bet.

I can give out two more referral codes. If anyone's interested, PM me.

Just got this sweatshirt delivered in time for tonight's game:


And, after fifteen long years, this post finally reveals the truth--I'm a spambot.

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