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His name was Sashi Brown
Dec 21, 2008
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Shoot, I lied, I knew all of that. Ive played before a few times and have watched it before. I guess I just have to learn what trumps what, when to fold, and how to read people.

Do you bet sports as well?
~20 bets/year

Bill Walton.

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Aug 12, 2008
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The things no one is telling you is how much the game has evolved and how much better players are. Honestly if you were to pick up poker now you’d be behind the eight ball. They’ll tell you you’ll be better than 75% of the players but I would strongly disagree. Plus you missed the online surge which would have exposed you to a million+ hands witch you just can’t get now. It’s extremely difficult to master the game and most books/content are out of date. There’s a lot of resources like PokerGO and YouTube but becoming a profitable player is very difficult.

Tournament poker is your best bet to make some big money where as cash games will be a grind to profit.

Tournament poker is going to net you more money but winning a poker tournament involves a lot of skill and three times as much luck. Sure you’ll run into the occasional player who isn’t great, but most players now a days have years on you and are more adapt to playing in awkward spots and will more often than not outplay you in those spots.

I’ve been playing for roughly 17 years and I’m still nowhere near the people competing in large buy in tournaments.

It’s a great game and I don’t mean to turn off new players, but saying learning hand rankings and learning normal starting hands will make you in the top 75% is just flat out fabrication.

You need to learn to establish a range of hands, analyze opposing players’ ranges, basic pot odds, you’ll need to learn pot control, three bets, defense of blinds etc.. honestly there’s a boatload if information and you’ll never learn it all, not to mention the game will evolve.

8 years ago playing a hand like A-5 suited was questionable, where as now you’re often three betting with those types of hands in certain spots.

If you want to invest money and time into it I’ll lead you in the right directions. I’d suggest upswing poker, I heard someone suggest masterclass. Phil Ivey recently did a piece for masterclass, I believe it’s $90 for his specific piece. Also I’d suggest PokerGO or twitch to learn about navigating around spots where it’s not black and white..


Sep 12, 2019
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I only play black jack and poker in casinos. In poker, it really is more about reading people, their bets, and analyzing the position you're in vs. the opponents. And just for fun I've been playing on gamerdam and sometimes here solaire
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