Game Thread | 2020-21 Season | Game #50 | Cavs @ Spurs | April 5, 2021

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I'm not giving up on Sexland. I really want the Cavs to get a solid player on the wing more than anything else. Or if another guard enters the fray, it's gotta be someone who can play like Garland but taller. LOL. Lottery better not screw us.

There's no reason to give up on them. They've never held each other back. Their games can really complement each other as they get more comfortable at this level.

Once Love came back, there is so much more room inside for the young guards to exploit. Sexton isn't getting swarmed by three defenders in there, so he's even getting room to make passes he wouldn't have been able to before. Garland finally decided to be aggressive and was able to get in the paint whenever he wanted. And an open lane also means there's room for Sexton to cut off the ball, which he's very good at it.

This is why I wanted to see these guys play with Love (or any shooter really). Nance has done a great job improving his outside shot, but he still looks to pass more often than shoot it, so that's an extra step or two off of him the defense can play. Love will shoot immediately if he's open, so they have to stay on him. I just wish Love could stay healthy. This probably would have been a playoff team this year.

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