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Hank Aaron, 86

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Interesting posting from another message board (a piece of trivia I did not know):

The best part of Aaron's career statistics - if you took away every single one of his HRs, he'd still have 3,000 hits
Enough positive things cant be said about Hank Aaron. To me he is right up there with Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Muhamad Ali, Kareem, ect. Class act, all time great, great humanitarian.
Hank Aaron is an all time great and a Hall of Famer in every sense of the word.

He also admitted to taking greenies during his playing days, which is PED use by any standard now.

I don’t care, but those claiming his as the true HR champion don’t seem to take this into account at all.
Aaron can play on my baseball team anytime.

A classy man who dealt with the worst of racism
with a silent courage. I still don't see how he
didn't jump out of his shoes when those
guys ran at him as he rounded the bases on
the HR that put him past The Babe.

As to greenies, not even close to the physical
alterations caused by steroids.
So I had never heard of this 'greenie' thing, and looked it up. From what I found, Aaron and his 'greenie' use come from a line in his autobiography. He was talking about being in a slump, and a teammate offered him a 'greenie' and accepted it. He then said this:

"When that thing took hold, I thought I was having a heart attack," Aaron wrote. "It was a stupid thing to do."

I would not compare that to long term use of steroids
My favorite, though ghastly, story from his bio:

When he was 17, he signed with a team in the Negro Baseball Leagues, the Indianapolis Clowns. He was with the team on a road trip in Washington, D.C., when he got one of his first lessons in the ugliness of racism in a league where only the ball was white.
“We had breakfast while we were waiting for the rain to stop, and I can still envision sitting with the Clowns in a restaurant behind Griffith Stadium and hearing them break all the plates in the kitchen after we finished eating,” Aaron once said.
“What a horrible sound. Even as a kid, the irony of it hit me: here we were in the capital in the land of freedom and equality, and they had to destroy the plates that had touched the forks that had been in the mouths of black men. If dogs had eaten off those plates, they’d have washed them.”

link to article

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