MAC Basketball

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Toledo gets a nice win on the road at Boston College!
Kent State has looked pretty good thus far. I still don't have much faith in their coach though.
Kent State is 8-1. Akron is 1-2. Why have you only played 3 games?
Im pretty sure the blanket fort guy( for the win?) was at the bg-wku game yesterday.
Thank GOD for Richaun Holmes. Will be absolutely shocked if he's not first team all-mac, because he's a legitimate contender for POY and DPOY despite being on a terrible BGSU squad. Literally carried us the last two weeks, and is probably the only reason I go to games.
Akron with a nice win on ESPN U tonight over Oregon State
Has anyone watched Toledo this year? They are an impressive 12-0...wondered if that's a weak schedule or if they are legit. I haven't had a chance to watch them yet.
They play KU tomorrow, so I'll get a chance to see them. I'll let you know.
Gotta be honest... didn't really pay too much attention in the first half, and I can't even get the second half here.

Tough to evaluate Toledo against this team though because they were just getting pounded inside by Embiid and Ellis. Won't face anything like that in the MAC.
It appears like Toledo played Kansas pretty well. For the first time in a long time, I think there's a legitimate MAC championship contender in the West.
I haven't been able to get on much lately but what a game between OU and Akron Sunday night. I was really impressed with Ndour - OU has a high-impact player in him. Diggs stepped up big for the Zips, as did the shooters (McAdams/Kretzer). I have a feeling it might be Akron-OU for a third straight year on Saturday in Cleveland.
Looking around the MAC, here's who the top teams will be losing:

Akron - Diggs
Buffalo - McCrea, Freelove, Oldham, Nuiriankh
Ohio - Kellogg, Hall, Johnson, Smith, Wilkins
Can't - Goodson, Henniger, Tabb, Vedder
Toledo - Pearson, Smith, Beatty
Western Michigan - Whittington, Brown
Eastern Michigan - Riley, Sims, Hughley, Bryant, Strickland, Harrison
Ohio hired Saul Phillips, the North Dakota State head coach.

The team that beat Oklahoma in the Tourney.
It's been an interesting offseason for OU. New coach, losing a top recruit, rumors of Ndour leaving...we'll see if Phillips can pull it all together.
Thought I bring this up again, Kent State will play Middle Tenn. in the CIT tournament on Wednesday.

Game at Middle Tenn.

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