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Mixed Martial Arts

Apr 16, 2015
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Jon Jones is a piece of shit that hit a pregnant lady and left the scene, failed like 5 drug tests and is fighting juiced to the gills against mostly clean opponents.

Still not many deny the fact that he’s the most gifted fighter of all time, 6’4 with an 84 inch reach, has no physical or mental weaknesses, A+ on the ground, A+ takedown defense, A standing, probably the strongest fighter mentally in UFC history, the only guy to ever beat DC, not only once but twice.

Dude is a special once in a lifetime talent, too bad he’s such a crazy sociopath that he’ll probably get a permanent ban sooner or later, but hey maybe him being who he is is what makes him special, you can’t be so mentally strong without having something wrong with you in other departments.
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