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NBA Finals - Game #4 | Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors | June 8th, 2018 @ 9:00 PM EST


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Oct 27, 2009
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Following LeBron James throughout the years I get a sense of incompleteness when it isn't him on that stage hoisting up that beautiful golden trophy in the air when the final buzzer sounds on the season. I can't help it, I have become accustomed to expecting it EVERY year, mainly, because that is part of his greatness. Any season that ends without that outcome is hard for me to swallow, I get into a physical funk until the next season starts to ramp up. Part of me is happy when the season is over, I don't have to stress over a sport that I only watch on tv for a couple months but that memory of it not ending the way it should pops into my head more often than not.

Realistically, I didn't expect this team to win it all when it came to that finals matchup. I wanted them to but I didn't expect it and I guess that reservation has made this a little easier to take down. This season has been a whirlwind, its been full of twists and turns and, at times, it just wasn't fun. However, I continued to root for this squad because that is what I do, that is who I am. To say this season was a disappointment would be an understatement, I couldn't understand how Kyrie didn't want to continue with a good thing, I couldn't grasp when the trade and the parts just didn't work...both.

The season is over, the wait has arrived. Whatever James' decision, I will support but long before that even enters my conscious the pit of my stomach will grumble in despair and anguish.

I want nothing more than to retool this squad and fucking beat those motherfuckers that stacked their team and made this league a joke. I don't know if that is realistic but that is the one thing that will drive me this entire off season. I want to see some DG level shit by Koby and within the next month.

Missed opportunities may of just delayed the inevitable, but not knowing is what hurts. What if Hill makes both free throws? What if Smith immediately puts it back up and either hits it or gets hit and can ice it. What if Durant wasn't trying to measure his dick in front of everyone? These are questions I will never get the answer to.

All I know is, broken dreams and hand aside, this season is over and its time to move on. You win some, you lose some. If James continues down this path and loses more often that wins, I will take solace in seeing a healthy Houston Rockets team kill the fucktards in the bay area.

I am taking a break from this place for awhile...at least until around the draft and LBJ's decision...thanks to anyone who read this all, appreciate it...

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