Ochai Agbaji / stop sleeping on this kid for the Cavs

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Jul 21, 2010
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since I got a couple trolls making negative comments about this kid even though he decided to return to Kansas and is all but assured a starting gig there where he can raise his stock, which btw also forced Grimes to decide not to return to Kansas despite pulling out of the draft.
Ogabji has as good of a chance as anyone in the NCAA's to rise from the ashes much in the same way Culver,Hunter,Okeke and others did in this years draft all capable defenders at the next level with upsides offensively.
You can pick apart his game just like anyone who is a kid that was underrecruited But he already proved everyone wrong for not paying attention to him before Self gave him a shot in ltd minutes being pulled from redshirt status for a short time while upperclassman higher in the rotation were injured.
I love stories like this, the Ja Morant's and Trae Young's of the world is exactly who Agbaji is.
Grimes transferred because Self is a terrible player development coach.

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Jul 15, 2008
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he was the best player on his team in HS scoring and rebounding at elite levels. he is a underappreciated high iq nba prospect that was slept on by scouts and due to their sleeping despite showing flashes as a temporary patch pulled from redshirt status ,
followers like yourself remain clueless.
Just to clarify...is this referring to @David, or to Agbaji?

Because while @David is a hell of a rebounder, that whole "high IQ" thing is way off.

Either way, really a fan of the work you've done on both @David and Agbaji. Great stuff!
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