Odell Beckham Jr.,: Ready for 2021

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May 26, 2007
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I'd argue that the interpretation and exaggeration to specific and concentrated parts of the data, as well as the overreaction to small sample sizes (2021) is the issue.

I tried to bring that particular discussion to a fair conclusion because the arguments became circular and pointless, and when smacked with basic logic we had SOME PEOPLE moving goalposts faster than kids move pokemon cards.

Now if you still got some juice and wanna slug it out about Baker then fine, but this really isn't the thread to do that in.
The bolded part is pretty much what has worn me out on some of these discussions. Not to mention that I'm just flat worn out from job stress, and not in the mood for the constant picking away and dissection of the players on this team.

Prolonged stats based disagreements wear me out because my job demands the type of mental activity that puts me in a frame of mind where I'd prefer to escape through sports fandom here, rather than reading endless bickering and criticism. That's my problem and no-one else's, so I guess I'll just bow out until things change.

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