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Well expecting them to be sold out was pretty optimistic on your part. And it wasn't quite the perfect storm, a better scenario would have been playing 2017 as defending world champs. It was an exciting time, one we are close to recapturing I think/hope.

A 28-29% increase in attendance from the previous year should be a good thing.. Yet it's still wasn't/isn't good enough for some of ya.

Cleveland logic loop.. Fans don't deserve this lean well oiled winning machine, and this team that hasn't won a WS since 1948 doesn't do enough to deserve a casual fan's hard earned money.

Making the areas surrounding the stadium a destination and more accessible, would surely help. One of the bummers about TMobile Park is the neighborhood for sure, but getting there is pretty easy even with transit.

Parking, transportation.. IMO there has been no shortage of legitimate fan gripes (specifically involving going to Progressive Field/tickets) just on this site alone.

And finally as pointed out by many others, this was set to be a rough fucking year. Name change, lockout, JRam rumors, projection, who's that guy? etc.

Let see how shitty the fans and owner(s) are in 2023. It seems fair to me.
The point @Out of the Rafters at the Q was making is that the bar fans have set for this team is absurdly high.

There aren’t many teams that have to fight as hard as we do to get fans in the ballpark.

The goal posts are constantly moving, too.

A decade ago, people on this forum would tell me that all the team had to do was win and fans would show up. Well, all they’ve done is win over the last ten years, and we continue to be at the bottom of the league in attendance.

That’s why I’m tired of the discussion. The excuses for why people don’t show are lame.

We’re a low attendance team and always will be. Doesn’t affect my fandom at all.

See y’all at the ballpark.
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