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Post-Game @ Denver


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Feb 13, 2009
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Starting this coming week, this will be posted on Mondays under a name that's yet to be determined (any suggestions, let me know)..

*Front Office: This team screams Madden team to me as opposed to a good NFL team. Right now 2 things really stand out: Even though the latter has played better the past couple of games, Zeitler for Vernon still looks like a mistake. And the coaching hire looks bad. It's also a little worrisome that we invested so much into the RG spot and still don't have an obvious starter there.

*Coaching: Freddie, Freddie, Freddie. What can I say?

The penalties were better, I guess.

Literally everything else... Not so much.

There's just too many negatives to list, frankly.

*Baker: His throws were still sailing high, but again wasn't as quick to escape the pocket and looked a little more comfortable in there. Missing Odell late hurt and was a throw he needed to make. He's still missing some throws.

*RB: Another solid game for Chubb, who would have made more of an impact had he been on the field more. The lack of a legit 3rd down back behind Chubb has become glaring.

*WR/TE: OBJ put on a show. Landry had a great catch on a 3rd down but inexplicably went behind the LB on a route over the middle on a pass that was almost picked off. Callaway played pretty well. Barely any Higgins yet again. Harris showed some fight for extra yardage. While Baker's throws have sailed high, we've seen a lot of balls go through receivers' hands.

*OL: Not a great week for them, particularly the run blocking. Hubbard continues to be terrible. Teller struggled. The constant shuffling hasn't helped anyone involved.

*D: Started off having a hard time containing Allen, but that improved immensely as the game went on. Ogunjobi, Schobert, Vernon really stood out in a good way. Whitehead had one of the worst defensive games I've ever seen (I wish that was an overreaction). Tackling continues to be a major issue.

*ST: Seibert & Gillan continue to be highlights of the season. Glad to admit I was wrong on not only Gillan, but keeping 2 rookies on in these spots.

This may be a little overly negative, but this loss really stings. Frankly, this should have been an easy win.​

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