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Jul 12, 2014
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My Friends,

I thought I would let you know what occurred over the past few days that resulted in RCF being down for most of you.

The distilled version of events is that GoDaddy had a massive software problem that shut down many sites that had their annual term renew early in the year. As it so happens, RCF's annual term always ends in the first part of January and this year it was January 5th. Our renewal had already been duly completed and the account current.

However, GoDaddy implemented new software, for handling renewals, on January 1st and it proceeded to shit the bed and accounts that were set to renew early in the New Year all experienced issues including unresolved renewals, frozen accounts and other errors. But the glitches did not fully shutdown accounts and this why some people would see a GoDaddy message, and others could see the site as if nothing was wrong.

Unfortunately, there was little we could do to speed GoDaddy along in repairing the damage, but that did not stop us from trying. The Ownership Group spent all of Tuesday afternoon identifying the problem, as it was not immediately apparent what the issue was. Ben spent many hours on the phone with GoDaddy over the past couple days trying every possible solution to get us back online faster. We considered alternatives with our hosting service for moving the site to a new address, but it was determined that that would take a bit of time and that GoDaddy would have solved the problem by then.

We would like to thank you all for being patient and enduring this rather random catastrophe. Evidently this is not the first time GoDaddy has had major issues and we are exploring alternatives. We are also creating protocols for a contingency in the event of a similar incident to quickly move the site to a new address.

Thank you everyone for coming back!

Edit: Please note that the system is not yet 100%. Some posters will have various issues. But GoDaddy is still fixing their issues.
Not open for further replies.

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