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Sneaky Athletic Craig Porter Jr

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He has 21 PER and 3.5 BPM. 3.5 DPBM for a rookie. He is our best defensive guard. Obviously small sample size, but he has been better than some ahead of him.

Very true, but he is also 23, doesnt shoot from outside and short, lots of draft picks are on potential, i still think he can shoot better than showing because of college stats, but no idea if that is true.

Long story, even in an early re-draft, he would at best be an mid first round because of those factors.
Watching him was giving me SGA vibes no cap

Shai came into the league 4 years younger, 5 inches taller and already shooting from 3 (at around 36%)

I love CPJ, loved him since he first starting playing in the summer league. He plays bigger than his size because of strength and athletic ability and does not play look a rookie, but also not going to pretend he plays like a top 5 pg either.

I still think he has a great chance at being a rotational player and someday becoming a starter in the right situation, but i still dont see future all star, age, shooting, and size will matter for that....but the way he plays and hustles at all moments, he can play for my team any day of the week for sure.
Way better scorer! Not as good of a facilitator.

Who’s a better comp than Delonte?

It's a risk going too far back in NBA history, but I see some younger Dennis Johnson in his game. DJ was a tough defender and when younger, an excellent athlete with plus size at point guard. You don't want either one taking too many jump shots from the outside.
there are 2 names on the list that are not like the others but our guy was in the top 17 the other guy was farther down
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If he gets appropriate playing time, Craig Porter will finish top 7.
Porter reminds me of Collin Sexton; 6'2", super quick, big vertical jump, weak outside shot but does a great job attacking the rim.

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